Want to learn about the LinkedIn headlines and how you can update your professional title on LinkedIn?

In this post, we will explore what a headline in LinkedIn is and how to write and update it on your profile with step by step guide.

First, let’s understand what is LinkedIn and how does it work.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that helps you connects with the world’s working professionals. This is the best place to connect with like-minded business professionals. So if you want to grow your professional network, you must join LinkedIn.

what is linkedin and how does it works

How LinkedIn Works?

A complete LinkedIn profile will summarize your professional experience to your connections, past, current and future employers.

With your LinkedIn profile, you can share your professional life, key achievements, breakthroughs, your key skills and professional interests with your network within the platform.

So what is a headline or professional title on LinkedIn is?

What is a Headline in LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Headline is the summarised short description on your LinkedIn Profile that appears right below your name on your LinkedIn profile. It conveys your professional expertise to your network.

You can consider a LinkedIn headline like a blog post title that attracts visitors to click and read the blog post. It is a great chance, that lets you proclaim yourself to your profile visitors in 150 characters or less.

A LinkedIn title or headline is the first thing that gets seen by the professional people who visit your profile.

So, if you are not giving enough attention to this important section, you’re probably missing a lot of connection requests on the platform.

Here is a quick example of how a Linkedin headline looks like.

For instance, Satya Nadela’s LinkedIn headline says "Chairman and CEO at Microsoft". It explains what his current position is in Microsoft company. Here’s an image of Natela’s LinkedIn job title.

satya nadela linkedin
Click on the image for a larger view

So in short, a LinkedIn headline tells your visitors more about you in just a few words. 

How to Update Headline in Linkedin?

Let us now learn how you can update your LinkedIn headline in just 2 minutes with a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Visit Linkedin & Login

Visit https://www.linkedin.com/ and log in to your LinkedIn profile by entering your credentials. After successful login, you will land on your feed page that shows the activity of your connections and the companies/people you follow.

step 1

Step 2: Visit Your Profile

On Your Linkedin homepage, You can see your profile picture and your name at the top left of your computer screen. Click on your profile picture or your name to land on your profile page where you can update your headline. There is another way but this is quite simple.

step 2 linkedin headline
Click on the image for a larger view

Step 3: Edit Headline

Now on your profile page, You can see the pencil icon. That pencil icon is an option to edit your LinkedIn headline. Simply click on it, and you will be able to create or edit your LinkedIn headline.

step 3 edit headline in linkedin
Click on the image for a larger view

Step 4: Write Headline & Hit Save Button

Enter your short and connection-focused Linkedin headline and hit the Save button in blue.

step 4 update your linkedin headline
Click on the image for a larger view

Congratulations, Your new headline is updated on your profile.

Now you might be thinking why this section is so important, Suresh?

7 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Headline is Essential plus Important

A short and skill-rich LinkedIn headline is important because:

  1. A good eye-catching LinkedIn headline sets you apart from the crowd in your professional network.
  2. It tells other people about what your excellent skill and your strengths.
  3. It represents you as a reliable professional in your industry.
  4. It is a section that can help you brand yourself for free.
  5. It provides people with a good reason to join your professional network. For example, if your LinkedIn headline is 'Helping CEO's Achieve 2X cashflow, 3X profit, 10X valuation', you are probably getting visits and connection requests from CEOs.
  6. It influences people to click on your profile to learn more about you. You can treat this like a CTA for your profile.
  7. It appears in Google search. So you can expect traffic from search.

You just have few seconds to help people on LinkedIn click on your profile, so make sure you use this essential feature from LinkedIn as you know every second counts.

Google pulls up your short job summary description and displays it in Google search, so people who want to know more about you can quickly jump to your profile from Google.

See LinkedIn is not just a platform for recruiters or job hunters - it is one of the top professional social media platforms for building meaningful professional relationships with like-minded people around the world.

Now let’s understand how to write an amazing headline on LinkedIn that attracts more connections.

How to write a Professional Headline for the LinkedIn profile?

You can write a professional headline on LinkedIn that will empower you to stand apart from 774+ million profiles. 

Follow these tips and get ready to attract the right kind of users you want to connect with.

3 Tips to Write an Amazing Linkedin Headline in 2022:

1) Keep it Simple: Make sure you keep your LinkedIn headline simple and to the point.

For example, If you are a digital marketing professional then you should use something like this "Digital Marketing Professional Who Solve Digital Marketing Challenges."

2) Be Specific: Make sure your Linkedin short description is clear, engaging and specific to your industry.

For example, I am a digital marketing professional and I use the headline "Smiling Face 🙂 | Digital Marketing Enthusiast | I Love to Unlock Digital Marketing & SEO Challenges."

This explains everything about Suresh Chaudhary. It is simple, clear and to the point. You can connect with Suresh on Linkedin.

3) Include Values: You can also include numbers in your Linkedin headline to be more specific about the great work you did in your current or past organisation.

Few examples for your reference:

  • Generated $2 Million in Sales
  • Closed over $500K in new business for SaaS businesses
  • Helping CEO's Achieve 2X cashflow, 3X profit, 10X valuation
  • 200+Speeches in 25+Countries on Wealth & Personal Growth
  • Part of a Top 5 Young Influencers List
  • Performed 50+ lectures in Travel & Hospitality Management
  • 1.2 Million Instagram Followers | 1.3 Million Twitter Followers
  • Reduced customer churn rate by 20% for B2C companies

Follow these tips and create an actionable LinkedIn headline for your profile today.

About Author:

This is a guest post by Suresh Chaudhary. He is a digital marketing enthusiast from India with over a decade of experience in online marketing. You can find Suresh on Twitter and Linkedin.

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