A motivated and engaged workforce gives better results but keeping the employees motivated and engaged is not an easy task. Employers and senior management find it very difficult to keep the employees engaged in a positive way to get better business results.

A good salary is not enough to keep the staff motivated all through the days when the work gets hectic and routine. And this is when we need to break the monotony and look out for fun ways to keep the workforce motivated. Here are some:

Set short term team goals

Short term goals keep the employees focused. They keep the employees inspired as they know they would see the results of their efforts very soon. It develops healthy competition among the team mates and keeps them stimulated.

Appreciate in public 

Achievement of goals and good performances should never go unappreciated. In fact they should be appreciated in public in front of the entire team or workforce. It gives a sense of pride to the achiever and motivates him/her to perform well. At the same time, it inspires the team to give their best.

Reward good performance 

With appreciation comes reward. An effective rewards and recognition program goes a long way in influencing the employees in a positive way and drives them towards achieving better results.

Celebrate festivals

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ – an old proverb but very relevant even today. Recreation is important to break the monotony and release stress. Celebrating festivals in the office gives everyone a reason to celebrate together and gives employees a chance to refresh and enjoy with the office colleagues. It makes them happy and happy people work better!

Have flexible working hours

Flexible working hours or flexi-time is something employees look forward to. It helps them organise their personal and professional commitments better. According to the ONS data, amongst full-time workers, flexibility is either used or wanted by 92% of 18-34 year olds, 88% of 35-54 year olds and 72% of those aged 55+.

Help employees know each other better 

It is important to give employees time to interact with each other so that they can know each other better. Make time for such conversations so that the employees and team members can warm up to each other. This will help create better understanding and work coordination among them.

Avoid boredom 

Last but not the least, avoid boredom at work. Boredom takes away energy, productivity and job satisfaction. It is therefore necessary to take steps to avoid employees from getting bored at work. Make simple changes that break the routine and give things a fresh feel. Change the seats, give skill enhancement trainings, celebrate employees’ birthdays, have a recreational room in the office or figure out some other way to break the routine. Your employees should feel enthusiastic when they come to work!

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