How to register a Ticket Restaurant meal card?
Looking for a solution to the meal card registration process?

Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card

If yes then below 9 steps to register ticket restaurant meal card and ticket compliments gift card will help. An easy guide for Edenred Meal card registration and login process.

A quick 9 step guide for registering your Ticket Restaurant Meal card:

Step 1: Visit the Edenred website

Visit and click on Card user Login

edenred food card registration

Step 2: Click on Register Now

Click Register now on the login screen to start your registration process.

steps to register meal card

Step 3: Enter your card details

Enter your 16 digit Ticket Restaurant Meal Card number and the expiry data in (YYMM) format

steps to register food card

Step 4: Put your account details

Fill up your account details and create your own User ID and Password for future logins

steps to register edenred meal card

Step 5: One Time Password

Enter the One Time Password (OTP) for PoS PIN generation

steps to register card

Step 6: Create your PIN

After successful validation of the OTP create your own 4 Digit PIN which is to be used for all POS transactions

register meal card

Step 7: Registration is done

Your registration is now complete. Check your mail/SMS to get confirmation of the registration process.

ticket restarurant registration

Step 8: Login to access

Log in with your User ID & Password to view your card related information right away

activate meal card

Step 9: Explore your account.

You can now check your card balance, view your transaction history, link more cards and do a lot more

activate food card

I hope this Edenred Meal Card/Food Card Registration guide is helpful.

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