Do you want to start a blog?
Are you worried about how to get started?
Have you heard of WordPress before?

Do you feel that creating a blog on WordPress would be all bonkers, especially when you are a rookie?

So let me tell you that it’s not that difficult to make a WordPress blog. And yeah, you need not hire a go-to- tech-savvy person in order to create your website.

how to start a wordpress blog in 2021

I have enlisted simple steps which will help you to create a WordPress blog from scratch. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Select a Domain and Website Hosting Service Provider.

I feel that selecting a domain name is the exciting part. It would be best if you gave a thought to what your domain name should be.

You can come up with all the creative ideas here but keep in mind that you don’t come up with something downright bizarre.

Search your domain name here to check the availability:

1. Enter the name

2. Choose the domain extension (.com is recommended)

3. Click on check availability.

Once you have selected your domain name, then you need to choose the best domain service provider and website hosting where you will host your site.

As these are the main foundation of a Website, I would urge you to choose the best service provider and hosting service.

Our Top 6 Best WordPress Hosting Recommendations are:

  1. Bluehost - Recommended by WordPress
  2. Hostinger - Most Affordable WP Hosting
  3. Dreamhost Web Hosting
  4. WPX Premium WordPress Hosting
  5. Nestify Hosting Services
  6. Epik Managed WordPress Web Hosting

Choose one and host your website and Install WordPress today. All the platforms support one click WordPress installation.

Step 2: Login to WordPress

Once you are done with step1, you need to login to WordPress. There are several domains and hosting service providers that allow the direct installation of WordPress. 

You can also download the Jetpack plugin. Jetpack is a feature of which helps you with the analytics and which simply adds some of the better features of, into 

Now, you simply start playing around with the WordPress dashboard by clicking on the various features and feel the magic!

Step 3: Select a good template

Once you are in your WordPress login, it’s time to select a good template or a free WordPress theme for your site.

There are enormous templates available out there, so you need to select the one that caters to your demands and suits your niche.

For example, your theme selection should be based on whether you own a personal website, company website, online store, blog, travels, fitness, etc. It should simply match your basic needs and should be appealing to the customers.

Some of my favourite templates are:

● Astra

● GeneratePress

● Kadence

● Affiliate Booster

Step 4: Share your post or your blog

Obviously, you will have to put in some effort into designing your website/blog until you end up with an end product that you are completely in love with.

Once your website is ready and good to go then simply share it with your friends, family, and customers in order to get some traffic to it.

Finally, I would like to mention that as and when you get accustomed to your website, you will definitely learn all the tweaks and tips and then voila all the internet world is truly yours!

The below infographic will surely help you understand the steps in a streamlined way:

I hope this guide will definitely help you in creating your WordPress blog from scratch! If you have liked my article, then do let me know in the comments section.

Till then, stay safe, and enjoy your Online Presence!

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About the Author:

Sharmeen Chasmawala is the author of and is a Blogger by Choice!

She is passionate about learning new trends and believes that learning should never stop for anyone. She tries to make learning easy for newbies through her blogs and believes in doing everything with a smile:)

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  1. I was thinking to start a wordpress blog since ages. While browsing I got this article and I am good start my blogging journey.
    Sincere Thanks!


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