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melonapp lifetime deal

The Melon App Lifetime Deal is available for just 99 dollars. You can launch high-quality live streams from your browser easily. Grab the deal now!

Streaming live video games, playing online interviews, and doing webinars are among some of the most popular activities on the Internet today.

Do you want to get access to an application that makes it easy for you and you don't even need to pay anything else again?

Well, A great Limited Time Offer (LTD) is available right now on AppSumo!

MelonApp is live on AppSumo right now.

What is Melon App?

Melon App is used to do a live stream with ease. You can launch high-quality streams across multiple platforms with Melon, a web-based live-streaming tool.

Check MelonApp Website:

It was built during a pandemic for content creators to live stream from one place. MelonApp lets you create high-quality video content for any platform instantly from your web browser, without needing to be an expert at editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Ask people who know something interesting to come to speak at your event It doesn't require any downloads. Lots of customizability options for personalizing your shows. Live stream, record, schedule streams, and monetize them with donations and alerts using Melon.

Features of Melon App:

Here are the top seven benefits of using the Melon App for live streaming from your laptop, mobile or tablet in 2022.

  1. Stunning live streams can be created with ease.
  2. Easy to use Web-based live stream application.
  3. Personalize your stream with your own branding.
  4. Go live as quickly as possible with just 5 clicks.
  5. Multistream - Go live on multiple platforms at the same time.
  6. You are able to record and stream at the same time.
  7. Anyone can use MelonApp to live stream, record or upload content.

MelonApp Appsumo lifetime deal gives you the following benefits:

  • 9 participants
  • Intro & outro videos
  • Unlimited streaming hours per month
  • Real-time alerts from the audience
  • Unlimited multi-stream destinations
  • Up to 10 hours recording time
  • 30 days recording storage
  • 300 MB limit upload media files
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Accept donations on your live show

Melon App Pricing on Website & AppSumo

Website Pricing: The best plan for your needs is what you should choose. Start for free with no credit card required and figure out if the PRO plan is right for you.

melonapp website

You can find three pricing plans on the Melonapp website.

  1. Free Plan which comes with streaming limits.
  2. Standard Plan at $15 per month
  3. Pro Plan at $49 per month

Check Latest Melon App Pricing here and choose the best plan for your streaming needs.

Recommended - MelonApp Lifetime Deal on AppSumo at $99

We recommend you to go for AppSumo deal with a one-time purchase of $99.00 where you get 9 participants, unlimited streaming hours, unlimited multi-stream and more. And there is no recurring cost every month. You just have to pay once.

You can get extra $10 savings if you create a new account on Appsumo and make a purchase for MelonApp LTD.

Go for Melon Lifetime Deal

Who can use Melon software?

Millions of people worldwide rely on Melon every day for their creative needs. Anyone creating video content can use Melon, whether it is live streaming or recording and uploading.

Newsmakers, Podcasters, Content Creators, Digital Marketers, Musicians, Fitness instructors and anyone who is curious about developing their brand presence online by expanding the reach to their message and engaging with their audience via professional-looking live streams can use Melon software.

You can also check other popular deals; Webstarts lifetime deal and Nichesss lifetime deal to save more!

How can you use Melon to grow your business in 2022?

#1 Creators can go live on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook,  and make some extra earnings.

#2 You can call and interview guests and record the interview using this app.

#3 It offers live streaming on all major platforms out there.

And there are so many cool uses for the app! Grab this lifetime deal and enjoy live streaming today.

How to start your first stream using Melon?

Create your account on Melon, You can buy the lifetime deal from Appsumo. Now you need to log in to Melon to set up your studio.

Allow camera, microphone, add yourself to canvas and select the layout of your preference from the Melon dashboard.

You can easily modify your design in the Menu. Click "Go live", add your destinations and begin live streaming across channels! Easy, isn't it!

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