tips on how to write plagiarism free content

In this day and age, the Internet has become a key source of information.

With so many different websites on every topic imaginable, it is essential to know how to write plagiarism-free content.

Plagiarism is a big problem on the internet and in the world. The fear of being accused of it is also keeping people from writing their own content.

If you are one of those people, consider this your "getting started guide to writing plagiarism free content."

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the process of copying or stealing someone else’s work and pretending that it is your own. It can be intentional, or unintentional, but it is still a bad practice to follow.

Why do people plagiarize in the first place?

With the rise of social media and the internet, people now have more ways to share information. However, some users go too far by plagiarizing content on the internet. They use others' work as their own.

How to avoid plagiarizing?

Plagiarism is the copying of another person's work and presenting it as one's own. To be safe, you must cite anything that was not originally yours.

Plagiarism is a serious concern in business copywriting. Avoiding plagiarism is easy if you know how to cite your sources properly. Also, you can follow the below tips to avoid plagiarism in 2022.

  1. Do Research and follow best practices to write your own content.
  2. Train your content writing team about your services and products.
  3. Refer to more sources on a single topic to understand the depth of the topic.
  4. Make use of free plagiarism checker tools to avoid duplicate content.
  5. Take help from technology like AI writers.

Duplicate Content is not good for SEO

Google algorithm uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to read your website content. Google Bot is intelligent and knows from where the content has been copied and will rank your site extremely low.

One of the most common reasons for duplicate content issues is copying content from another source without properly attributing it.

If your content has been copied without permission from another source, then it won't help you at all because Google doesn’t want people using stolen content for their own purposes.

It could result in losing rankings, traffic,  visitors and having your page removed altogether from Google SERP.

How to write your own content?

Here, I will give you a few content writing tips on how you can write your own content which is plagiarism-free and can get high-quality traffic on your website.

1. Start with Basic Structure

List down your thoughts and content requirement in bullet points. Read up on the topic thoroughly before starting out, browse through a couple of websites on the subject, collect all the necessary information, and understand everything clearly. Now, start writing on the respective topic in your own words.

2. Content Rewriting

Google doesn't like plagiarised content but in order to write plagiarism-free content, you must think of Google as your best friend. Wondering why you should consider Google your best friend?

Well, it helps you in many ways. And when it comes to writing, Google is one of the best sources to find great content on any topic.

If you can't create anything original on the given topic, You can refer to content paragraphs from the Internet and rewrite them in your own words. This technique works in 2022 not sure about the future though.

3. Use AI Copywriting Tools

If you want to write 100% original content for any topic, then you can take the help of this new technology called AI content writing.

AI content writing is a process of generating content for any topic with the help of GPT-3 powered AI tools. These tools are capable of generating high-quality human-friendly content at the click of a button.

To create this content piece, I took help from, which is my favourite ai copywriting assistant. You can also try for free and get 10k words of credit for free using my special Jasper AI free trial link.

Apart from Jarvis AI, I also recommend below five AI copywriting tools that you can check to create plagiarism-free content effortlessly in 2022.

1. Copy AI - One of the best AI writing tools which offer 90+ copywriting templates to generate various types of content using AI. Check

2. Frase AI - One of the best SEO AI content writing tools for generating researched SEO friendly content. Check

3. Rytr - One of the simplest AI copywriting assistants when it comes to writing content with the help of AI. Check

4. Closerscopy - One of the most advanced AI copywriters with over 300 marketing frameworks and workflows. Check

5. Copymatic AI - One of the rising AI content writing tools of 2022. Check

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Plagiarism-Free Content

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic of how you can write plagiarism-free content.

Is plagiarism allowed in content writing?

No, Plagiarism is not allowed in copywriting. All forms of content writing are subject to plagiarism, not just blog content writing.

How do I start writing my own content?

Follow these simple tips to start writing your own content. Start with topic research, create eye-catching headlines, create a goal for the content piece, focus on a single problem throughout the content, optimize content for SEO, and finally give an actionable conclusion to users to take action.

How many percentage plagiarisms is acceptable?

Anything between 5% to 10% but creating 100% unique content has its own benefits. We recommend you write original content if you want to drive traffic from search engines.

How do you write an article without copying and pasting?

You can write an article by referring to multiple sources, and research. It doesn't require copying and pasting, you can read and write an article in your own words.

Conclusion: Write Plagiarism Free Content

Plagiarism is a big problem in the academic world and it can ruin your online business.

Luckily, there are tools like Jarvis AI, Copy AI and that will help you avoid plagiarizing and write high-quality content fast.

These are some of the best AI content writing tools online and they can help you with your blog post content creation efforts.

I hope this article was helpful, Let me know if you have any queries or concerns regarding the plagiarism-free content topics.

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