Gifting has taken a whole new turn with the popularity of gift cards.

Accepted at numerous stores and retail chains across the country, these cards give a person the freedom to choose the gift of his choice.

Think about all the time you spend deciding on a suitable gift and going through the hassle of procurement and storage before it actually reaches the receiver’s hands.

And the woes just don’t end here; what if the receiver does not like the gift or it is not the right fit? This festive season, resolve not to get into this trap!

Instead, go for the most convenient and popular option - gift cards. And if you wish to make this more special, choose a corporate gift card.

5 Benefits of Gift Cards

Let us list out some benefits of choosing corporate gift cards for your festive gifting:

1. Widely accepted

Corporates gift cards have a wide network of affiliates and are accepted at numerous online and offline stores across various categories like electronics, apparel, books, toys and many more. Ticket Compliments® Max Gift Card, for example, is accepted across more than 1 million terminals and online portals which accept MasterCard.

2. No administrative hassles

Procurement of gift cards is easier than procuring gifts and no matter how much your order is you can be sure each card is exactly the way you want. Also, unlike physical gifts, storage of these cards is easy and requires very little space.

3. Online acceptance

Corporate gift cards have a greater online acceptance as compared to retailer gift cards that can only be used at specific stores or retail chains.

4. Security

Corporate gift card has strong security features and can be blocked in case it is lost or damaged. Your gift points are secure and can be transferred to a new gift card. This way you can be sure that your recipient does not lose out on the joy of receiving his/her gift.  

5. Enhanced benefits for corporates

Corporate gift cards like Ticket Compliments® Gift Cards have a lot of enhanced features that make them the perfect gifting option for corporates.

These gift cards are tax saving for the employees, so while you give your employee a Ticket Compliments® Premium Gift Card, Ticket Compliments® Max Gift Card or Ticket Compliments® Rewards Gift Card, you are not only giving them the freedom to take home their choicest gifts but also helping them save tax.

With so many features, corporate gift cards are definitely the ones to go for this festive season; and Edenred’s Ticket Compliments® Gift Cards are a preferred choice of many top corporates when it comes to gifting.

Contact us today to know more about Ticket Compliments® Premium Gift Cards and how they can make your and your employees’ festive celebration special! 

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