In the age of Digital, should HR teams move to Digital tools or stay back to old on-ground engagement activities?

Digital age or the information age which started with the invention of computers has evolved leaps and bounds in recent years. Internet has given it a new meaning and direction.

As a result, digitalization has become essential for every company to unlock its true potential. In fact it plays a very important role in employee engagement.

Engaged employees are motivated and give their best towards the success of the organisation. And since they play a key role in the growth of a company, it is imperative to implement measures that result in high employee engagement.

Why should HR team move to digital?

Digital technology helps information flow more quickly and seamlessly across all offices, departments and verticals in a company.

It is the HR team that can move the employees towards the digital platform and bring a change in the working of the organization. But first, the team itself has to be adept with digital tools.

HR departments have volumes of valuable employees’ data. If this data is captured and analysed well, it can help the organization get better insight about the employees.

This filtered information can come handy while assigning roles and responsibilities, internal assessments, rewards and recognition and appraisals.

Since it is the same digitalised software that is used for all employees in the company, it comes across as an unbiased, uniform assessment platform.

Everyone today owns a smartphone and going digital can actually open various ways to engage the employees.

It can be used as a means for updating the employees about the company policies and keeping them informed about the business.

The company’s effort to keep employees engaged and informed makes them feel valued.

HR team should move to digital because it is employee-centric.

Digital HR tools help in keeping the employees happy and involved by giving them growth opportunities, recognising their efforts and making them feel a valued part of the organization.

Edenred is one of the few companies that adopted digital tools for employee engagement in the initial years.

Where most companies are still figuring out how much digitalization is ideal for the organization, Edenred has robust tools in place that are greatly appreciated by the employees for the uniformity, transparency and convenience they bring to work.

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