Are you looking for an ultimate list of domain selling sites in 2022?

If yes then you are in the right post as this article talks about the best domain flipping platforms where you can list your domain name and sell it.

The process of buying and selling domain names is described as Domain Flipping.

Today I’m compiling a list of 12 such marketplaces which you can use to buy and sell domain names.

Many of them are free marketplaces, and some of them allow you to list your Website with certain fees.

In case if you are wondering, how domain flipping works, it’s an easy process to make a quick and handsome income.

Most of the people who are into the Domain flipping business, first buy a profitable domain name at a very low price and sell them at a very higher price. You can also check the complete domain flipping guidepost to learn more.

Now let's discover the latest domain flipping platforms to buy and sell domain names at Digital People.

List of 12 Websites to Buy and Sell Domain Names in 2022

Here I've curated a list of the twelve best domain flipping marketplace websites where you can list your names and sell them for profits.

1) - Domain Marketplace is in first place on our list. It was established in the year 2014 with a mission to make unused domain names accessible to all.

The platform concentrates solely on solving the biggest problems that the domain industry faces which is buying and selling of the names. domain marketplace to sell domains

You can buy and sell your domains with Dan. Simply click on Sell domains and set up your account. List your domains and start using the right tools and sell at prices worthy of your domain names.

At, You can change the control and ownership of your domain names easier, safer, and faster. Just list the names and update the nameservers in your domain registrar account. Now wait for the offers or start outbound marketing for your names. is rated as one of the best domain marketplaces in the world. It comes at the fifth-best online domain marketplace by Trustpilot.


2)  Sedo - Sell, Park, Buy. Domains

Sedo is in second place on our list. Sedo is a well-known domain marketplace for buying and selling names.

Sedo buy and sell domain names

Sedo claims that every second domain transaction is handled by them, globally. It is established in 1999. No doubt, Sedo is the world's leading platform for domain buyers and sellers.

If you have a domain name that you want to sell, you just need to list them on Sedo and set a ‘fixed buy now’ price or maybe set a base price which buyers will negotiate.

Why list your names on Sedo?

  • 19 Million Domain Names For Sale
  • They have 2 Million Customers worldwide
  • 4 Million Parked Domains
  • They have already sold 7,00,000+ Domain Names
  • The Best Marketplace to Get Most Value for your name

Sedo makes domain buying and selling processes easy. You can list your domain names for free. They charge you a part of the commission when someone purchases your domain name.

Check Website

3) Squadhelp - Naming Platform

Squadhelp is a great domain marketplace if you want to submit domain name ideas, Logo designs and sell domain names in the marketplace.

Squadhelp buy and sell domains

Squadhelp is more than a domain marketplace. You can start a contest to come up with a great name for your company. They also provide audience testing service, video creation service, domain trademark assistance and more.

For domainers, If you have premium or brandable domain names then this is the place to list your names and get the best value for your names.


4) Afternic - A company owned by Godaddy.

Afternic is a popular domain marketplace website to sell, buy and part domains. It was founded in 1999 and you can find more than five million premium domain names available for sale on the Afternic platform.

Afternic godaddy domain selling

Once you list your domain name for selling, it will be available to many other websites that are partnered with Afternic. This is a great advantage of listing your names on Afternic.


5) Flippa Marketplace

Flippa is an online marketplace where individuals and business owners buy and sell domain names, blog websites, eCommerce businesses and other digital real estates.

Flippa marketplace domain for sale

Flippa is in the fifth position on the list when we talk about the best websites for domain selling.

You can list your domains on Flippa with a set base price that will be up for negotiation. You can also add details about your domain like domain age, traffic history, standard nameservers for redirects and more which helps to market your domains.

They already have a huge audience globally who are interested in online real estates that make Flippa a preferable choice to list the domain name for sale.


6) Namecheap Domain Auction Marketplace

Namecheap is a popular company in domain registration and web hosting services.

Namecheap allows you to sell your domain names on their marketplace. The only condition is you should have that domain name in your Namecheap account.

namecheap marketplace domains for sale

You can only sell domain names that are in your Namecheap account and they charge a 10% flat commission on the domain marketplace transaction.

The platform also determines the estimated price of a domain name in case you are not sure about the price.

If you have domain names registered to some other registrar then first you need to transfer the domain to your Namecheap account to sell on the Namecheap marketplace. This is a drawback but that doesn't stop us to feature them in our list.

Check Namecheap Marketplace

7) Godaddy Domain Auctions

Godaddy is the world's largest domain registrar. They also offer web hosting services along with online marketing tools.

godaddy auctions domains for sale

Godaddy domain auction is a part of Godaddy where you can find, buy and sell domain names. It is one of the top places where you can sell your domain names for a good price.

GoDaddy Auctions is purely created to sell domain names. You cannot sell websites, blogs like Flippa and Sedo.

To list a domain in Godaddy auctions you first need to buy the membership which costs around $5 per year. Once you have the membership you can list domains for free.

They charge a 20% commission on top of the domain name sale which is high as compared to others.

Check Godaddy Auctions

8) Daaz Marketplace is another good option for you where you can buy and sell domain names.

Daaz marketplace buy and sell domains

Daaz is one of the largest domain name marketplaces which offers simple Ui, secure transactions, the lowest fees and 247 support.

If you have geo domain names then you can explore Daaz as I have seen good sales of .in and domain extensions.


9) Brand Bucket for Brandable Names

Brand Bucket is the original brandable name marketplace with over 80,000 domain expert-curated business names.

Brand Bucket buy and sell domains

If you own brandable domain names then this is the platform you can list your brandable domain names.

You can sign up and list 10 domain names for free after that they charge 1 credit for each submission.

Check Brand Bucket Website

10) FreeMarket is the latest addition to our list. The parent company of Freemarket is

freemarket buy and sell domains websites

On Freemarket, you can buy and sell websites and as well as domain names. You can list your domain names for free and you will pay only 5% of the sold price as a commission to Freemarket.

Freemarket has the lowest commission charges as compared to other domain selling platforms. And that is the reason we have included this in our list.


11) Namepros Domain Name Forum is the largest domain forum community in the world. Here you can list, buy, sell, learn, and discuss domain names.

namepros domain name forum

If you want to stay familiarised with the latest happenings in the domain industry. This is the place for you to hang out. was founded in 2003. NamePros declares that it has a community of 1 million domainers who have listed their domains on the platform for sale. Sufficient reason to list your domain name on this platform. Isn't it?


12) DN Forum

If you are looking for domain sales, domain forum, domain appraisals, and domain registrars. is the website you must check.

dnforum domain sale, appraisals

DN Forum is a place to talk domains. Being a forum open to all the domainers has made this website the best place to sell domains.

DNForum includes domain sales, discussions, appraisals, and other important details related to the domain industry. The forum has everything you may need to sell your names.

It has over 100k members which make this online place ideal for you to list your domain name here.


Final Thoughts on Top Domain Flipping Website

Domaining business is not a quick-rich scheme. You need to give time to learn and optimize the domain market to sell domain name faster.

Our Favourite domain listing platforms are,,, and Namecheap Auctions.

I hope this domain flipping platforms guide was helpful to you. Do let us know where you are going to list your domain names that are on sale in the comment section below.


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