Every business or startup needs to create an online presence for profits to increase exponentially. A live website is the heart of the business.

And all thanks to technology, we have different web hosting services. They host your website files on the internet so that they are accessible to people worldwide.

This blog covers all you need to know about web hosting services that are existing in today's world of the internet.

Guide to choose web hosting services: 6 things to consider in 2022

You must be wondering how to choose the perfect web hosting services for your website at a reasonable price. The next few paragraphs will clear all your doubts.

The guide to choosing perfect web hosting services, in a nutshell, can be described as:

● Site Performance- As a user, you will never want to open a website that takes ages to load. A good web hosting service will present your website in an alluring way so that users find it easy to use and manage. So, take a look at other websites hosted by the company for a clear understanding.

● High Reliability and uptime- Uptime is an important part to concentrate on when you are choosing your web hosting services. Uptime refers to the time that your website will be online. Most reputed web hosting companies promise 99.9% uptime. The rest is attributed to the repairing time. Check the truthfulness of uptime value by reading reviews.

● Website Security- Website Security is the silent factor for determining the winner of website hosting companies. As a user, you will have numerous files stored in the Hosting company server. Try to make sure that they are in safe hands. Breaching privacy may upturn your business overnight.

● Domain Associated Email Address- The real vibe of a world-class business emits when you have a mail address with your domain name at the end. Professionals do never want to use a Gmail account for sending official emails. Some web hosting companies may allow one or two domain associated mail accounts while others may allow unlimited. Check this feature before you tick a subscription plan.

● Technical support- The company with the best customer service will always win the race. See to the working hours of the expert panel and their turnover time. Read reviews meticulously for complaints and praises regarding technical support.

● Price- Whichever web hosting company you choose, the most important determining factor remains the price. You cannot invest half of the principal amount in hosting your website online. Do not opt for too low priced hosting services as they may turn futile over days. Always try to be somewhere in the middle in terms of price.

7 Best Web Hosting Companies that are dominant in the web host market today!

There are hundreds of web hosting companies. We have researched thoroughly and snipped the list to the best seven web hosting companies.

Each one of them is better than the other. So, the seven best web hosting services available in the market are as follows.

1) Bluehost - Leader in WordPress Hosting

Bluehost can help you get started with the best hosting plan tailored to your precise hosting needs.

Bluehost provides the best web hosting services in stipulated time. The internet world is dominated by WordPress websites mostly. And Bluehost is the king of all WordPress site hosting companies.

They have different price tags based on the availability of features. The price may be as low as $3.95 per month and may increase up to $6.95 per month.

Bluehost best web hosting services company

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But, the roof price is not high if the features are taken into consideration. But, the only sentence that can take away your smile is that your website will start lagging if you insert multiple plugins. Try not to use too many plugins on your website.

Customer services are excellent. They have a tele-calling facility and also a chat box facility. They will guide you with your problem and make sure it is solved.

So if you’re hunting for the best hosting option for your WordPress website in 2022 then you can trust Bluehost. 

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2) DreamHost - The Dashing Game Changer

DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting Companies in the world. Till today, almost eight-digit numbers of websites have been put up through DreamHost.

There are numerous examples of successful businesses that stand on the foundation of a DreamHost website.

The major attraction for using DreamHost is that they allow easy and quick editing of websites. They know that things change as time progresses.

So, they provide the options of easy edit. You can change the face of your website overnight.

Dreamhost best web hosting services in 2021

The charges range from $2.49 per month to $16.95 per month. Choose one based on the approximate traffic and number of plugins.

DreamHost is the oldest web hosting company that maintains a good equation with all its customers. Post hosting services deserve a thumbs up. They help you solve your problems regarding the hosting of your website and also render your ideas on changes that can be done.

In short, DreamHost is your perfect opinion if you are always in a mood to update your existing website base.

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3) Hostinger - A prop for the budding online startups

Hostinger is one of the most affordable web hosting service providers as compared to other hosting companies.


Hostinger provides the facility of shared Hosting Services. This is the oxygen to all the budding startups, wherein they can get a stable website at the price of grain. Although features are limited, the price is mind-blowing.

hostinger best web hosting services in 2021

The price may vary from as low as $0.99 per month while their best package costs $3.99 per month. To get the best services at a reasonable price, we will always recommend you to opt for some higher packages.

Customer services are exceptionally good. They provide on-time solutions to your problems.

With the higher slab subscription, you get the option of website backup and undoubtedly an impressive loading speed.

While updating your website, if you make a mess, worry not. Hostinger always has backup services for you.

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4) WPx Hosting - An emerging web hosting company

WPX Hosting is one of the fastest managed hostings for WordPress websites.

WPX hosting offers managed WordPress hosting services, free high-speed CDN, and SSLs with 24/7 lightning-fast customer support.

best wordpress web hosting services in 2021

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This is comparatively a newer web hosting company but has managed to get the podium in a very few years.

They offer the best experience at a reasonable price. You will have a fantastic website put up on the internet without burning a hole in your pocket.

Their charges vary from $2.5 per month to $9.95 per month. Check the list of features in a particular plan before you proceed further. Another attraction is the plentiful disk space provided with web hosting.

Their customer services are also good. They have a chat facility and it is available 24*7. You can expect some real-time solution from their expert when you text them your problems.

Check this start a WordPress blog guide in case you want to learn a step by step process.

5) WP Engine - For website owners who know their limits

The list of best-hosting companies can not conclude without the mention of WP Engine. It provides advanced hosting services to people opting for it.

The best feature of WP Engine is that you can customize your needs out of your website and then plan things accordingly.

WP Engine is not as cheap as others in this list. But they believe in quality over price. The customization option allows you to choose the features that you need on your website. After that, the price is fixed.

They provide 24*7 expert services. Not only do they provide post-payment services, but they will also help you to choose the correct requirements for your website.

If you are looking at your business on a bigger scale, then WP Engine is the best option for you. Because the quality of the website is the key to a successful business.

6) Hostgator - Most Convenient Platform for Blogging websites

Hostgator is chiefly used by startups that are looking for basic features at an affordable price. The user manual is demonstrated in a step by step instructions that are easy to follow. Even after following that if you have confusion building up, consult someone from the Hostgator expert panel.

Their pricing starts from $2.75 per month. There are two more plans- $3.95 per month and $5.95 per month. You can check the feature list and choose one according to your convenience.

Hostgator is much ahead of other web hosting services when it comes to customer support. Both tele calling and the facility of chat is available to all the customers. You can access customer support any time of the day and solve your problems if any arises throughout hosting your site on the internet.

7) Green Greeks - Fast and Eco-friendly Hosting

Green Greeks are different from the others in a way that they ensure website hosting is absolutely environment friendly. They have numerous plans which fit the demands of both newbies and large businesses. 

The price varies widely between $2.95/mo to $11.95/mo. Whatever be the price, they always have some extra features to offer. They offer basic domain hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and server hosting.

Their customer services are also satisfiable. They have 24*7 windows for chatting with experts. Even the calling facility is available but only six days a week.

Most importantly, they have a 30 days trial period for any plan subscription. If you are unsatisfied with the hosting, you can delete the account immediately. You will get the full refund that too without any questions asked.


Web Hosting Services play a crucial role in enhancing the spirit of your business. You have been presented with the list of the seven best web hosting companies that dominate the internet market nowadays.

Choose one according to your convenience. Read our buying guide before you invest in your website.

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