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You put all your efforts into setting up a website and creating great content. Now, the next tricky thing is to attract traffic to your website. There is a simple way to boost your website subscriptions and get targeted audiences.

The answer is Gravitec.

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If you're a new website owner or a blogger who's tired of using savvy social media strategies to attract audiences, then this article is for you. You'll get to learn about Gravitec, how it functions, its different features, and the lifetime deal offers.

What is Gravitec?

Gravitec is an easy-to-use push notification service provider that can increase traffic on your website by converting website visitors into subscribers. Now, let's talk about push notifications.

Push notifications can reach your audiences anytime. Whether they're using a phone or a desktop, they will get a notification every time you update your products, services, or deals. Unlike pop-ups that appear only when audiences visit your site, push notifications are far more independent and effective.

With the help of Gravitec, you can store general segmentation information from your subscriber's browser and customize a target notification.

Gravitec provides accurate campaigns based on the subscribers' operating system, location, language, and browser to boost traffic on your website.

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Features of Gravitec:

Push notifications have proven to outperform any social network in terms of CTR and traffic generation. Gravitec can approximately boost your traffic by 40% within the span of six months.

Not only it helps to boost traffic, but it also saves your time by sending the campaigns automatically to the targeted audience.

gravitec features

Here are some of the exciting features of Gravitec:

1. Automated Delivery:

Any kind of latest news, events, blog updates, product details, or latest deals gets automatically delivered to your website subscribers. You can set a specific time, and that's it. An automated push notification will reach your subscriber right from your RSS feed. It makes the whole process easier and less time-consuming.

2. News Digests:

Do you want your blog readers to stay engaged? With the help of Push Digest, you can send daily and weekly news digests. This feature enables you to send five to six news altogether in just one push notification. You can do this automatically every day or week.

Another subtype of this feature is known as Smart Digest. It allows you to send the latest news items of your website that your subscribers have not seen yet. It is an effective way to keep your subscriber updated.

3. Drip Campaign:

This feature is very important for the new subscribers. With the help of Drip Campaign, you can generate marketing campaigns using many push notifications.

The new subscriber will get these notifications at intervals set by you. This feature allows you to add as many push notifications as you want.

Also, you can set up the time and date for every push. You can track these marketing campaigns in one place. This is an easy and effective way to get engagement from new subscribers.

4. Target Push Notifications:

With the Targeted campaign feature, you can send target push notifications to the subscribers depending on their online activities.

Generally, the basic segmentation of target campaigns includes countries, cities, types of browsers, operating systems, and languages. There are many other advanced segmentation options available depending on the targeted audience.

For example, the campaigns for Chrome users will be different from the Firefox users. Subscribers' interests in news, sports, books, fashion, etc. can also be used in the targeted campaign.

5. Permission Prompt:

You can customize the permission prompt according to your subscribers' needs. You can change the appearance as well as the position of the permission prompt.

You can also set the permission prompt differently for mobile and desktop devices. The permission prompts are available in multiple languages. You can set the language as per the country's users. It's a very useful tool to attract subscribers.

6. Subscribers can control notifications:

By clicking on the locker icon, they can unblock the subscriptions. And according to the subscriber's convenience, they can re-subscribe for the notifications.

This feature can show the subscribers their complete notification history. And they can use it to filter the news and limit their notifications by choosing the categories that they are interested in. It's especially helpful if you run a news website.

7. Campaign Statistics:

With Gravitec, you can view a detailed analysis of the campaign results. The campaign analytics can be useful to run future campaigns and promote the growth of your website.

You can view online charts for individual campaigns, campaigns during a particular time period, subscriber details, and Opt-outs. There are also additional features available for other smart campaigns.

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Gravitec Pricing Plans And Deals:

Gravitec is the smartest way to boost the traffic on your website by converting your website visitors into trusted subscribers. Let's talk about the Gravitec lifetime deal.

It offers a complete package with all the exciting features at a one-time payment. It has different plans. You can decide on the plan according to your subscriber requirements.

Gravitec Pricing Plans:

● Single Plan offers $49 with 30K subscribers per site

● Double Plan offers $98 with 60K subscribers per site

● Multiple Plan offers $147 with 100K subscribers per site

● Multiple Plan offers $196 with 150K subscribers per site

● Multiple Plan offers $245 with 220K subscribers per site

● Multiple Plan offers $294 with 300K subscribers per site

Single Plan on Appsumo:

● Suitable for new websites

● You can get all the features of Gravitec including all the business plans.

● Get access to 30,000 new subscribers

Double Plan:

● Suitable for medium-level websites

● You can get unlimited site integration and notifications

● Get access to 60,000 new subscribers

Multiple Plan:

● Suitable for big websites

● You can get unlimited site integration and notifications. 

● Get access to 100,000 new subscribers

● If you buy more codes, the subscriber count will increase accordingly. Pros And Cons:


● Clean and well-designed Interface

● Easy to use 

● Shows campaign statistics and notifications instantly get delivered to your subscribers.

● Compatible with Wix, Shopify, and WordPress


● iOS users have shown a problem with signing up

Get Lifetime Access to Gravitec Today

FAQs Related to Gravitec Software: 

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you clear your doubts about Gravitec.

1. How is my website going to benefit from Gravitec?

Gravitec is a push notification service that helps you to increase traffic on your website. Push notifications are the quickest and smartest way to get an engaging audience. Gravitec helps to keep your audiences updated using its different features. Ultimately, these notifications are great marketing tools to drive people back to your website. It is a very useful tool for anyone looking to engage customers online.

2. What are the different plans of Gravitec?

Gravitec offers six different pricing plans: Single plan, Double plan, and four different Multiple plans. Each plan offers a different number of subscribers per website. You can look at the details of the plans above in this article and choose accordingly.

3. What is the benefit of the Gravitec lifetime deal?

With the lifetime deal, you only have to pay once and enjoy all the premium features of Gravitec. The prices vary depending on the number of subscribers that you want for your website. Go through the plans and select the one that suits your needs.

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Conclusion for Gravitec LTD, Pricing in 2022

Gravitec helps you in boosting your website traffic and converting viewers into potential subscribers. It is one of the best push notification service providers out there.

With its powerful features, Gravitec has shown quality results for many websites till now. If you want real engaging audiences for your website, then you shouldn't lose this opportunity to get your hands on the Gravitec lifetime deal.

We hope this article was insightful and you learned everything you wanted to know about the Gravitec lifetime deal. Let us know if you still have questions related to Gravitec push notification software in the comment section below.

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