WordPress is a premium system that offers premium emotions. This platform may not be that likely to throw errors for no reason. Still, there are chances you are bound to run into WordPress errors.

An error on your website is not a joke. Some WordPress errors can sully your entire day while some may cause minor inconvenience. But it will cause failed installations, updates, and downtime.

In short, your missing resources can prevent the user from using or accessing your website.

WordPress errors will hurt your credibility. This will potentially affect your income.

common wordpress errors

Some WordPress errors may seem scary at the first glance. While some WordPress errors stem relatively from small problems.

High Alert! Keep a backup of your website

Create a backup of your website before you initiate any steps to fix WordPress errors. There are chances that you may mess with it. A backup will ensure that you will have a less-broken state of your site.

Top 5 Common WordPress Errors and their fixes For Your Website

1. Error Establishing a Database Connection

Are you seeing this message- “Error Establishing a Database Connection”? It means that your website is facing trouble connecting to your database.

It may occur when you have entered or modified the details of your database incorrectly. They include:

● Database password

● Database username

● Database host

Otherwise, your database may be corrupted or unresponsive.

It is one of the most common types of WordPress errors that users face. You may have to face this WordPress error 1000 times in your lifetime.

How to fix errors establishing a database connection?

Firstly, edit the wp-config.php file to check this. It happens mainly because of faulty credentials here. Nevertheless, there are other possible culprits too.

a. Make sure to analyze the wp-config.php file

This file has all the login details that you saved during the process of installation. It will include the server, database name, passwords, etc. 

Make sure to check the credentials properly in the root directory.

b. Accessing wp-admin

Things may end up wary when things go amiss with the database. Make sure to visit “yoursite.com/wp-admin”. Here you can see the error message that states your database needs repair.

Please Note:- Make sure to discard the line from wp-config.php once you are done repairing.

c. Talk to your host

The errors may also lie at the provider’s end too. If none of the fixes works, then there are some problems with the MySQL server.

2. White Screen of Death

White Screen of Death is the most cryptic and infamous WordPress error. It will change your entire screen into blank. You will see your screen as white nothing. It does not display error messages and assists.

It also denotes that your website is not loaded properly.

How to fix the White Screen of Death (WSoD)?

a. Disable the theme

Your theme may be the culprit why you are seeing WSoD. Make sure to employ SFTP. You need to replace your existing theme with the default WordPress themes.

b. Disable the plugins

One of the main fugitives behind  White Screen of Death is the faulty plugin. Disable them and check if this fix solved your problem.

c. Activation of debug mode

This is an essential feature that you must pay close attention to. It will show you the WordPress errors directly on every page. This will assist to pinpoint the underlying issues of the WSoD.

d. Raise the memory limit

There are high chances that your website may run out of memory. Make sure to expand the memory by editing the php.ini file.

e. Purge the cache

This solution will help you to identify outdated files. Hence, make sure that you clear your caches.

We hope that these methods may have sorted your problems. But if the White Screen of Death still persists, contact the support team of the hosting provider.

3. WordPress maintenance stuck mode

It is necessary to run the core updates to run a secure website. For this, WordPress does the installation of the .maintenance file.

Once the update is complete the file is removed. Nevertheless, things may end up different. This will lead your website to be stuck in maintenance mode.

How to fix WordPress maintenance stuck mode?

You can fix this WordPress error simply. Just ensure to use the FTP client and connect with the server of your site. In your root folder, check the file of .maintenance and delete it. Your website will work normally as soon as you delete the file.

4. Secure connection error

You will face this error if you have not configured the server correctly. Hence, your website will not connect to WordPress.org.

This error will also prevent you from updating the essential files.

How to fix secure connection error?

Unfortunately, you cannot do much in this error. You cannot fix this WordPress error by yourself. You have to wait till it vanishes.

Note:- You can contact your host to fix secure connection errors.

5. Syntax or Parse errors

It arises when you add code snippets using functions.php to your site. This message means that your code has to be corrected. Browsers are the main reason for this trouble. It will throw a fit like this even if you miss a semicolon or bracket.

How to fix syntax or parse errors?

You have to paste the code snippets onto the live website. You need to test that in the environment of development. Still, if you see the error message then you have to go back and make corrections in your syntax.

Conclusion - Bid Goodbye to WordPress errors today!!

Things are bound to go wrong because of infinite theme combinations, different server setups, etc. The last thing that you as a site owner wish is not to miss any sales and conversion opportunities.

WordPress errors can come in different sizes and shapes. Some errors may devastate your website, and some may cause minor trouble.

Hiring a leading WordPress development company is the best option for you. Even though you can fix some errors on your own, it is still not efficient.

A WordPress development company has adept WordPress developers. They will have proficient developers who can fix speed and performance issues, WordPress errors, etc. Their team will get your site back on track quickly.

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