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Get free access to Jasper AI academy and find free trainings, video tutorials, mini-courses, and helpful articles to learn how to generate effective content with artificial intelligence at Digital People! is surely one of the most powerful copywriting tools available for writers. It’s currently one of the top AI writing software in the copywriting niche. academy

What is Academy?

Jasper offers the coolest learning platform knowns as Jasper AI academy where they publish in-house tutorials to learn this amazing tool.

They also invite their customers who are copywriting and SEO experts in different niches and ask them to share their content journey with the tool.

Jasper AI academy is the best place to learn to generate high-quality content using software.

Here at, you will find training with guest experts, video tutorials, marketing courses, and blog posts to help you learn how to write with Jasper artificial intelligence.

So if you are looking for training videos, Jasper ai recipes, commands functioning, and free courses, then you must check out this portal.

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Do you want to see what Jasper AI can do? Watch this Jasper AI demo video with the marketing head Austin Distel to see how to save time writing blog posts, ads, emails, social media and other types of content using artificial intelligence.

Jasper Onboarding

Welcome video series by Jasper. Watch this playlist to help you get started right away using this amazing tool.

Jasper AI Bootcamp

Learn step-by-step instructions from copywriting expert on exactly how to use software to write great content at the speed of light.

I highly recommend you complete the Jasper Bootcamp.

Here's is the link to BootCamp to follow:

Watch this playlist on Youtube which includes 21 incredible videos on Jasper AI software.

Free Courses By Jasper

Jasper AI offers high-quality courses on Search Engine Optimisation, Copywriting and more for free to their customers.

These courses will teach you to how to use Jasper software to scale your SEO campaigns, copywriting campaigns and even your content agency.

1) AI Content Agency Course

The Content Agency course is for people who want to scale their agency with the help of freelance content writers and Jasper AI. This course is made by Jasper AI and RocketContent!

Course Duration: 2 hrs
Link to AI Content Agency Course:

2) The Jasper SEO Course

This course will teach you to create content that ranks using Jasper AI. The system will help you generate content that's optimized for SEO so your website ranks on search engines, so it can bring free organic traffic every day.

This course is made by SEO Expert Danny Veiga in partnership with Jasper AI.

Course Duration: 2 hrs 30 mins
Link to SEO Course:

3) Jasper Website Copywriting Course

This course will teach you to write the best copy for your website using Jasper artificial intelligence.

Learn the secrets of website copy using AI so you can convert more visitors into leads and customers.

Quickly generate attention-grabbing website headlines, unique value propositions, and SEO-optimized metadata using

Course Duration: 35 mins
Link to Copywriting Course:

Our Favourite Case study on Writing Book 5X Faster

We found this case study on Jasper website where they teach us how use Jasper AI to write the book 5x faster using recipes which comes with Boss Mode plan. Boss Mode is the most popular pricing plan which comes at $59 per month or $49 per month billed yearly. This plan helps you write content 5X faster as compared to their base plan.

This plan gives you full access to Jasper AI tool with 50,000 words limit per month. Check Boss Mode Plan here to learn more:

You can literraly go from blank page to published on Amazon in 7 days using the method created by Darby Rollins and our favourite AI writing assistant, Jasper AI.

Watch this full training video here:

Write your book outline with AI FAST using this book recipe:


Jasper AI is the best AI writing tool one can use for copywriting using artificial intelligence. Claim your free 10,000 words using our special free trial link.

When I first saw their website, I wasn't able to figure out how to utilize this writing software. But after watching Jasper University's recorded video, I realized that the entire process of AI writing was a matter of following the steps one at a time.

In short, is a fast and easy way to generate high-quality copy for any digital platform.

With its simple user interface, you can easily create copy for websites, videos, Google Ads, Facebook ads, Instagram captions, TikTok captions, emails, and more. You can check my honest review post to learn more about this software.

Finally, if you're looking for a quick and easy way to learn Jasper AI software to write high-quality copy for your business, you can check academy right away.

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