best ai copywriting software tools in 2021

It's not easy to create and maintain an excellent copy. Using the best ai copywriting software can make your life easy.

To write a copy that not only ranks well in search engines but also engages and converts your target audience, any content writer will need a lot of research, time, and skills. 

Research, crafting copy, reviewing content, optimising, publishing, updating, and more are all processes in the copywriting process.

Yes, it is a lengthy procedure. But it's also not something you should dismiss. After all, A solid content can increase your conversion rate by more than 110%.

What are AI Copywriting Tools?

Thanks to the behemoth of modern technology, we now have tools at our disposal to help us with this lengthy and critical procedure.

However, don't be alarmed by these AI-enabled technologies; they are meant to assist, not to replace humans.

AI-enabled copywriting tools are growing smarter all the time, and some of them (mentioned below) can save you time on a daily basis.

Copywriting software tools are a collection of tools that can help you improve your copy by checking for grammar errors, optimising it for search engines, and making it more engaging, among other things.

10 Best AI Copywriting Tools for Fast Content Creation

  1. Best AI Copywriting Assistant
  4. Writesonic AI
  5. Wynter
  6. Convert
  7. Scrivener
  8. AirStory
  9. Headlime
  10. Grammerly
So, here are some of the top ten best copywriting software that every copywriter may use to improve the quality of their material, outperform their competition, and increase conversion rates.

1. (Formerly - Best AI Copywriting Software

Conversion Professional copywriters and conversion professionals have trained AI's artificial intelligence.

Jarvis has the power to develop attention-grabbing content that converts your audience after being educated by specialists.

Jarvis AI handles around 26 different languages around the world. If you're writing a multilingual piece, it'll quickly convert and compose it in 26 different languages.

Their software makes use of AIDA, which is one of the oldest frameworks. Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action are the four components of the AIDA model. It also employs the PAS framework, which stands for Problem Agitate Solution.

Jarvis is the artificial intelligence created by the Jarvis AI team. It's one of the greatest AI copywriting assistants for creating high-converting copy for websites, advertising, blog posts, emails, classifieds, and sales letters, among other things. 

Jarvis has assisted over 10,000 people, including entrepreneurs, agencies, marketers, and copywriters, in writing high-converting content for their businesses.

Highlights of Jarvis:

● The ability to convert the information into 26+ languages 
● Collaboration and administration of a team is possible 
● 7-day money-back guarantee with live chat assistance 
● Its AI aligns the content with the tone of your brand 
● Surfer SEO is integrated


● It may occasionally return non-original stuff. 
● It's a little pricey, and it's missing the human element.

2. - Second Best AI Copywriting Software

copyai ai copywriting software

CopyAI can be the finest alternative for you if you're looking for a creative brainstorming buddy. It has the potential to extend your thinking as well as quickly develop outstanding marketing text or content.

You can develop new and imaginative material that catches users' interest in a variety of ways, from digital adverts to blog entries to product descriptions.

It leverages the world's most powerful AI-language model in order to produce high-quality copies. This automated copywriting programme also comes with a Google Chrome extension to help you streamline your productivity. Simply install it on your Chrome browser and start making copies while you're out and about.

CopyAI now supports the following languages: Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, and Polish, in addition to English (British and American).

Highlights of

● A Smooth and sleek user interface 
● The most straightforward and simple to use 
● More than 20 languages are used in his work.
● Capable of creating a variety of content kinds and even developing a content strategy


● Not offers complete blog entry creation. 
● Minor grammatical problems in samples.

3. Copysmith AI Copy Writer

copysmith ai copywriting software

Copysmith is another great product on the list of finest AI-powered copywriting software. It is jam-packed with rich features that serve you a lot more than you expect on your plates. 

Unlike a few other programmes, Copysmith only supports the English language, at the moment. However, it is quite straightforward to use.

It also comes with Google Chrome, which allows you to smoothly communicate ideas between your browser and your office.

It, too, uses cutting-edge artificial technology to generate thousands of product descriptions for your online store for a fraction of the cost of competing applications.

Highlights of

● A good AI author 
● Lets you make a blog post 
● Enables Plagiarism detection
● Using keywords to target your audience
● Capable of writing content or marketing copy in a variety of languages 


● Pricing Uncertainty 
● There are fewer templates than their peers. 

4. Writesonic AI Copywriting Tool

Writesonic ai copywriting software

This AI copywriting tool will assist you in converting your thoughts into well-written text, whether you're creating blog posts, website sales copy, or product descriptions.

To generate high-converting marketing content for your brand, this copywriting generator uses the Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA copywriting formulas.

Despite the fact that it has a lot of functionality, the user interface is quite neat and tidy. It is currently available in 24 languages throughout the world.

Highlights of Writesonic:

● It's simple to use.  
● Supports around 24 languages 
● Generating high-quality short-form content 
● Create stunning, comprehensible landing pages in seconds and get the code and graphics right away. 


● Some articles are still poorly written, with numerous glaring factual inaccuracies. 
● The Starter package does not include limitless generation.

5. Wynter - Message Testing Tool

wynter ai message testing app

Wynter is a message testing tool that can help you figure out if your content is resonating with your audience. It allows you to assess the copy in your ads, emails, and even your website. 

You'll also be able to see where you went wrong and where your copy has blind spots, so you can modify it and improve your results.

Highlights of

● They offer a complete money-back guarantee. 
● You have the option of getting broad or granular results. 
● B2B and consumer panels that have been individually reviewed 


● A little pricey 
● You might not agree with all of the panellists' responses.

6. Convert - A/b Content Testing Tool

convert for better content experience

Convert is a flicker-free A/B Testing tool that helps you improve the conversion rate of your website content. It allows you to do four types of tests; A/B Tests, Split Testing, Multivariate Testing, Multipage Experiments.

It also offers a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to run all the tests without having to code anything. If you're interested in learning more, you may use their JS tester for dynamic testing, which gives you access to JS, jQuery, and CSS codes.

Even with the free trial, you get unlimited sub-domains, customer accounts, and the ability to conduct infinite tests and variants.

Highlights of

● 15-day free trial 
● Geo-targeting in depth 
● Profiling of advanced DMPs 
● Notifications Concerning Privacy 
● Segmentation after the test based on new/returning consumers, browsers used, devices, and so on. 


● With rates starting at $699 per month, it's a little on the pricey side. 
● The learning curve is steep. 

7. Scrivener Writing Tool

scrivener ai app for all types of writers

Scrivener collects and organises the data, documents, and information you'll need to create content. It allows you to jump between research pages, piece together content, segment content, create lists, add images and links, and more.

It also comes with cork-boards to help you organise indexed cards of various colours, allowing you to keep track of different narratives.

Highlights of Scrivener:

● Auto-save and backups are compatible with macOS, Windows, and iOS. 
● Take photos to keep track of your progress.


● It's not easy to comprehend 
● The user interface should be more user-friendly.

8. Airstory Writing Software

airstory writing software

Copyhackers built this drag-and-drop document creator, Airstory. It's a great way for authors, bloggers, and others to collaborate and work on a project.

For starters, it comes with a Chrome Extension called "Airstory Researcher." It allows you to clip and save data, research, and other information you find online, as well as the source URL.

They also provide a variety of pre-built, configurable templates for you to employ in your projects. You can customise them by editing, adapting, and exporting them to meet your needs.

Highlights of

● Editing by multiple people 
● A built-in spell and grammar checker is included. 
● Integration with Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and other cloud storage services 


● A little pricey, a free trial could be a little longer for better customer outreach.

9. Headlime

headlime ai copywriting software

AI can be used in content marketing in ways other than copywriting. Headlime is an all-purpose tool that matches your needs if you have a diverse content strategy.

Headlime can write a complete blog article for you. However, unlike Article Forge, it is not entirely AI-generated.

Headlime, unlike other copywriting tools, can create a whole landing page for you (not just text.) Your gorgeous landing pages will be available in minutes.

To learn how the AI creates landing pages, please watch the video below. You can choose from roughly ten languages on Headlime, including major European languages, Chinese, and Japanese. 

Highlights of

● 10+ languages are supported. 
● Collaborative tools that work 
● Additional content tools that are excellent 
● (almost 2000 templates, AI Landing page builder) 
● Excellent documentation Overall, this is a great tool for content development. 


● On sophisticated issues, AI does not write well. 
● Additional user seats are expensive.

10. Grammarly

grammarly online writing assistant

The grammar and proofreading tool can be found all over the internet. Every copywriter – or anyone who has to write even a few phrases every day – loves it right now.

The AI-powered writing assistant assists you in avoiding grammatical errors by considering the context of the sentence. It also helps you tighten your text by checking for overused words, wordy phrases, glaring modifiers, and passive voice. 

You may even customise your goals so that you only get suggestions that are relevant to your brand's voice, goals, and target audience.

You'll be able to choose the tone, target audience, content type, tone, and intent of your content. 

Highlights of

● Its Freemium plan
● Words that are adaptable 
● Interface that is easy to use 
● Plan that is available for free 


● It may misunderstand what you're trying to communicate at times. 
● Even if the usage of passive voice is unavoidable, the editor constantly emphasises it.

Conclusion for Best AI Copywriting Tool

Now you have a list of the greatest AI copywriting software & solutions that do the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is give the machine a few easy instructions, and these instruments will take care of the rest.

Your copy will require time, planning, and money. Your copy will be virtually unbeatable if you add excellent grammar, SEO optimization, brief prose, and other features.

If you want to outperform your competitors, now is the time to try out these top copywriting tools. I recommend that you sign up for the free trial and try them out on your own before purchasing.

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