Are you looking for the best features of an eCommerce website? Here is the list of features that you should consider when starting an online store at Digital People!

People all over the world now prefer to buy a variety of items online. For the same, they use one or more eCommerce websites.

Aside from that, during the epidemic, there was a tremendous increase in eCommerce sales all across the world.

By 2040, Nasdaq predicts that more than 95 percent of sales will be made online.

It suggests that, in the not-too-distant future, the demand for eCommerce will skyrocket. But, what is the cause for the eCommerce website’s success?

The characteristics of an eCommerce website are the most crucial factor in its success.

If you own a physical business and want to create an eCommerce website, the features are the most crucial item to consider.

There are numerous eCommerce sites available around the world, each with its own set of characteristics. As a result, selecting the finest eCommerce features list is really difficult.

For a long time, we’ve been creating eCommerce websites. As a result, we are familiar with the most important aspects of eCommerce websites.

10 Must-Have Features For Your Ecommerce Sites in 2022

We’ve compiled a list of features of eCommerce website to consider for your online store at Digital People.

1. Consider Design (user-friendliness)

One of the most important things that clients want from an eCommerce website is a positive user experience. Customers will immediately quit a website if they do not find what they are looking for.

As a result, it’s critical to know what consumers expect from your website, what problems they’re having, and how you can help them.

Conduct usability testing and organize your website accordingly to have a good understanding of your target audience.

It all comes down to a user-friendly design in the end. It is in charge of promoting customer retention and engagement.

2. Search Bar

One of the elements of an eCommerce website is a speedy and effective search bar. Users will return to your eCommerce website if it contains a search box that suggests relevant products.

Users will leave your e-commerce website if it lacks a speedy search bar, on the other hand.

It’s because most consumers lead busy lives and don’t have time to spend hours searching for a product online. As a result, you should have a search bar that offers the finest suggestions.

You can use Amazon’s search bar as an example. It’s powerful, and it rapidly provides the finest possible searches.

Amazon search bar at digital people

As a consequence, incorporate a search bar that provides the greatest results for users and develop it on a regular basis.

3. Create Wishlist

It includes all of the items that customers would like to buy in the near future. Customers can use this function to save things for later purchases and buy them based on their needs.

Many individuals mistakenly believe that a wishlist is the same as a shopping cart. There is, however, a significant distinction.

Customers add things to a shopping cart and purchase them instantly in the case of a shopping cart. Customers, on the other hand, can add any product to their wishlist and purchase it when they need it.

This functionality is ignored by a number of e-commerce stores. In the case of products, however, it is one of the most important qualities.

Customers prefer not to buy a lot of stuff right away, such as furniture, large technological devices, and so on.

A wish list is also one of the eCommerce features that allow businesses to gather essential customer information about their clients and their items. They are able to make effective decisions based on this information.

4. Multiple Payment Methods

There will be a lot of transactions when we talk about eCommerce. Payment alternatives must be integrated if you wish to create your website as a prominent store in the future.

Even if you allow people to pay with a credit card or PayPal, you may not be able to convert them. 

Furthermore, one of the reasons for rising cart abandonment is the limited payment options. As a result, a variety of payment solutions must be available.

Many people nowadays choose to pay with their electronic wallets. This is something you should include on your e-commerce website.

Aside from that, some customers want to buy things the right way but are unable to do so due to a lack of funds. You can offer a Buy Now, Pay Later option.

5. Detailed Product Information

Shopping on e-commerce platforms has become the standard. Many individuals, however, are still hesitant to purchase things from a tiny business.

There are various reasons why customers are hesitant to buy a product with a brief description. For starters, individuals do not have the option of trying a product before buying it.

Second, customers are unable to locate pertinent product information.

As a result, having a clear product description that includes information such as colour, size, brand name, material, and e-commerce content is critical. There should also be high-resolution images and videos of the product.

Finally, a clear product description aids the search engine in comprehending the material and achieving high rankings. To get some help, you can use AI-powered product description generators like to create highly engaging descriptions for your online store.

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6. Support from Customers

One of the most important factors in an e-commerce website’s success is excellent customer service. 

Many clients become trapped while purchasing a product, have product troubles, or encounter one or more issues on an e-commerce website. As a result, they’re looking for customer service.

You should provide a variety of options for these clients to reach you in order to meet their needs. It could be a toll-free number or an email address.

You may also add live chat to provide users with immediate solutions to their questions.

7. Reviews Option

Before making any purchase, a big number of users enjoy reading real-world reviews. According to testimonial Engine, 72% of customers will not purchase a product unless they have read a review.

Customers believe reviews just as much as they believe suggestions from friends. It also gives them assurance that the transaction will be successful.

Customer reviews should be included on your eCommerce site in such a way that visitors can simply read them before making a purchase.

Integrating this function increases customer confidence in your brand and shows that you are willing to share customer feedback.

8. Ecom Site Navigation

Another important e-commerce feature is navigation. Users would not be able to find their preferred goods quickly if your website lacks effective navigation. As a result, you should improve the navigation for users.

Your website should offer breadcrumb navigation in addition to core navigation. It’s a little text path with the symbol(>) that shows users where they are on the page.

It also tells Google that your site is well-organized. As a result, breadcrumb navigation should be integrated into your eCommerce website.

9. Structured Security

One of the most important considerations when visiting an eCommerce website and completing a purchase is security. It’s because consumers are willing to provide their personal information on the website.

It is vital to provide multi-level security to secure users’ data from any type of fraud, theft, or phishing attack.

For those unfamiliar, multi-level security allows you to sort objects and persons using a hierarchical security level system and a non-hierarchical security group system.

If you want to improve the security of your website, make sure it has an SSL certificate. It is vital to safeguard the sensitive information of users. Furthermore, browsers display a non-secure message on non-secure websites.

Furthermore, there are situations when sites without SSL Certificates are not open due to other security issues.

10. Mobile-friendly Features

People have become increasingly reliant on mobile devices to make online purchases in this digital age. 

In the fourth quarter of 2021, mobile devices accounted for more than 54.4 percent of all web traffic, according to Statista. In the following years, the number will rise.

You should make sure that your website is mobile-friendly if you want to survive and prosper in this competitive market.

From the moment a consumer visits your e-commerce website until the moment they leave, you should give them a better experience.

By providing a simple checkout experience, you can keep your website mobile-friendly. You can also provide a guest checkout option to speed up the process.


We hope you’ve grasped the importance of having eCommerce options on your website.

You may improve the user experience and generate income by incorporating the correct collection of features into your eCommerce website.

If you have any questions concerning the eCommerce website features, please comment on this post to get free help.

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