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Copywriting has become an essential skill for every digital marketing enthusiast.

Most of you already can use the Internet to engage, advertise and sell products using your writing skills, but it can be challenging and time-consuming to write original content every time.

This is where AI copywriting tools come into the picture to support the writer in you.

Copywriters need the right tools to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. is one such tool that helps you improve your productivity while writing content.

Important Note: I am personally using Jasper AI for AI copywriting, and I am super happy with the same. The tool is used by over 50,000 working professionals to generate high-quality content with the help of AI. If you’re still not using this AI writing software, then consider using it once. Try For Free & Get 10,000 Words Free Credit!

There are lots of brands out there that offer AI copywriting solutions.

Many of them have similar functionalities, but Jasper AI remains the leader and the best ai copywriting tool in the industry. was formerly known as You can read the detailed review here.

A number of users still use because of its great service and diverse offerings but they don't mind knowing the competitors of Jasper AI.

Hence I am making this list of Jasper AI alternatives, so if you are looking for an alternative to then this article will help you find a better substitute for it whenever you feel to change.

What is the Best Jasper.AI Alternative?

Here we have ranked and reviewed the top 10 best Jasper AI alternatives and competitors so that you can pick the best one for you.


Closerscopy is the best alternative to Jasper AI copywriting software. It works on propriety AI content frameworks.

The tool is powered by the world's most advanced artificial intelligence language model and offers 800+ marketing frameworks and workflows.

Supports all types of copywriting. It offers a lifetime deal too. For more visit


Frase AI is our second top recommendation for the alternative. It is an AI SEO content tool that helps you create and optimize your copy for marketing and advertising.

It offers a complete content marketing solution such as content research, AI SEO content writing, and optimization.

You can try for 7-days by paying just $1. For more visit


Copy AI is our third top recommendation. It uses an advanced GPT-3 language model for content generation, and offers over 90+ copywriting templates that help you generate content for any digital medium in no time.

You can CopyAI for free using our link and get 100 content credits for the first month. For more visit


Rytr is another Jasper competitor that you can explore for AI copywriting. It has top-notch artificial intelligence technology and the simplest user interface to generate content.

It offers 30+ templates and 20+ tones of voice in which you can generate content. They offer a free forever plan with 5000 characters credit each month. For more visit


Copymatic AI is another good alternative to Jarvis AI which offers an AI-powered platform to generate engaging, conversion-optimized and human-quality content. For more visit

It can boost your organic traffic and save hours of work for content creation. It supports short-form and the long-form content generation just like Jasper AI.


Simplified is a free Jasper AI alternative that you can check. It is an AI-powered content writing tool that has been trained to generate marketing copy for your website.

You can create your free account with Simplified and get 1,000 words of credit for AI content generation.  For more visit


If you are looking for an article generator tool, is the best alternative to pick from the list.

It is one of the most accurate content generation platforms, using state-of-the-art AI writing models to generate articles from just a headline. 7-day free trial available. For more visit

8. Smart Copy AI

Smart Copy AI is a good alternative from the Unbounce brand. This AI copywriting tool helps you generate human-friendly and scalable content in minutes with the help of AI.

It offers 50+ copywriting tools and a lifetime free plan with 5 credits per day to create content. For more visit Smart Copy Website


Peppertype AI is also another good alternative to the Jasper copywriting tool. This tool is built on top of GPT-3, an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning.

It can create short-form and long-form content copies with the help of 50+ templates. It offers a free trial with 10,000 words of bonus credit. For more visit


If you are looking for a platform with SEO reports, short form and long-form content then Scalenut is another great option that you can consider.

You can discover and create relevant content for your customers using Scalenut, a SaaS platform for content intelligence.

With this platform, you can create the best content by combining deep learning and artificial intelligence. It offers a free forever plan with 2 SEO documents per month. For more visit

So these are the top ten Jasper or Jarvis AI competitors that you can check in order to replace copywriting.

You can also read our post on how to write an article to learn more about article writing.

Conclusion For Best Jasper AI Alternative in 2022

If you would like to grow your business the right way, the best alternative you can use is Closerscopy.

You can also try It is a suitable alternative if you are trying to save money, as it can be purchased at a lower price.

It can help you achieve your content writing goals and reduce your writer's block more quickly than ever.

Both the tool has a comprehensive suite of content writing software that will help bloggers, business owners and content writers generate and research relevant content and connect with the right audience with great content.

Which Jasper AI alternative you are picking out of the list? Please let us know in the comment section below.


  1. jasper is good to produce original content but price is very high compared to rytr or peppertype

    1. Rytr is the cheapest option available but when it comes to quality. No AI tool can beat Jasper AI. Still feel free to explore the other alternatives as per your budget.


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