JavaScript is one of the most common coding languages which is in use today around all over the world.

Did you know that 97.7% of websites use JavaScript as a client-side programming language? That clearly indicates the popularity of the framework.

The rich ecosystem coupled with a wide array of frameworks, tools, and libraries makes JavaScript an appealing option for developers. The two most popular JavaScript frameworks are React and Vue.

Both are viable options when it comes to app and web development. The choice mainly depends on the requirement of the project.

However, you will need to hire the best ReactJS or VueJS Development Company for the best results.

What is React JS?

React JS is one of the leading JavaScript formworks. To be specific, React JS is not a framework; instead, it is actually a front end library.

It was developed by Jordan Walke, an excellent developer working at Facebook. The code became open to the public in 2013 and is now maintained by Facebook.

React JS is now used to develop full-scale applications with ease. Many well-known global corporations use this framework.

These include Netflix, BBC, PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, UberEats, Skype, and more.

What is Vue JS?

Vue JS is an excellent JavaScript framework that is used for front end development. It was created by Evan You and came into the limelight in 2014.

The framework draws inspiration from other frameworks such as Rivets, Angular, React, etc. The main aim while creating Vue JS was to develop a framework without the limitations of the other existing frameworks.

Even without the backup of a tech corporation, Vue JS has reached impressive heights of success. Now, various brands across the globe use Vue JS. These include Grammarly, Alibaba, Adobe, Xiaomi, Expedia, Nintendo, etc.

react js vs vue js comparison

Comparison of Vue and React in 2022

In order to make a choice between these two frameworks, it is vital to assess them on specific parameters. These are:

1. Popularity

As per Google Trends, React has a higher number of requests when compared to Vue. However, that doesn't take away the popularity of Vue.

Another popular source to measure popularity is the npm trends. These informative tools offer information on the number of downloads. React is way ahead in the race, with almost five times more download count than Vue.

According to The State of JavaScript graphs, the number of users satisfied using React is much more when compared to Vue.

Another source to get an idea of the popularity of these frameworks is the Github Stars. Right now, Vue JS has 181k stars while React has 165k stars. In this case, Vue is ahead.

2. Size

It is important to understand that the size of the code is crucial. Here, the main thing to remember is that the smaller the code, the better will be the performance.

● React: The size of React is about 100 Kb. Moreover, certain features in React will need third-party libraries. In essence, it is heavier when compared to Vue.

In case you want to opt for React, you need to choose the best Reactjs development company. That way, you can be stress-free while building the project.

● Vue: The size of Vue is approximately 80 Kb. It contains a wide range of features and is smaller compared to React. 

You can use both for building small applications.

3. Performance

● React: One of the primary reasons that have made React highly popular is the usage of the Virtual DOM. It is a browser agnostic and lightweight system.

● Vue: When it comes to performance, Vue also opts for the Virtual DOM. When compared to React, better stability and performance have to be given to Vue. However, the difference in their performance is just a few milliseconds.

4. Community support

● React: Support from Facebook has been attributed to the ever-increasing popularity of React. Moreover, this framework also has a huge community backing. Besides, the community keeps on expanding, which helps the developers a lot.

Though there are various libraries and resources available, the community help is impressive. If React is your ideal choice of framework, you need to opt for the best Reactjs development company. Your choice can make all the difference for your project.

● Vue: It is true that Vue came into existence after React. However, the framework quickly rose in popularity. The small but highly active community of Vue is extremely helpful. Moreover, the resources and libraries are limited too. It is going to take some time for the community to increase and offer similar support as React.

5. Documentation

● React: React JS has an excellent record of documentation. However, the rising contribution makes it difficult for the users to locate what they want to search. But, it is extremely helpful too. The leading reactjs web application development company can always find assistance here.

● Vue: In the case of Vue, documentation guides are simple and make it easy for users to navigate the framework. Thereby, it becomes easy for the user to locate anything they want. With little experience in HTML and JS, you can implement things with ease.

6. Data Binding

● React: React JS offers support for one-way data binding. In this way, the view has no effect on the model but can react to changes. Moreover, here, the data flows in one direction only.

● Vue: Vue JS allows the data to flow in both directions. Moreover, it also has the capacity to synchronize the DOM with the complete model. Hire Vue JS developers for excellent results.

7. Learning curve

● React: React JS is a complex framework when compared to Vue. You will need to invest a significant amount of time in learning the framework. Here, you need to understand different concepts. If you are a beginner, this might be a little tough for you.

● Vue: Vue JS is an excellent lightweight framework. Here, the various features are easy to use and understand. Thus, the learning curve for this framework is user-friendly.

8. Templates

● React: React does not use templates. It has a component model which is based on the JavaScript programming language. This allows enhanced flexibility and enables data to flow through the application without much hassle.

● Vue: Vue uses declarative templates. HTML is used for the coding of these templates. You can read it without taking the assistance of any programming language.

9. Mobile and Desktop Development

● React: React offers excellent mobile and desktop development support. It is extremely easy to use react Native for creating Native Android and iOS apps. You don’t have to make much extra effort.

● Vue: In this parameter, Vue is a little bit tricky. While the framework supports the Weex project from Alibaba Group, it is still in the development phase. Moreover, it is not as tested as React Native. However, there is another alternative that you can consider. You can use NativeScript-Vue to build native apps.

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10. Maintenance

● React: One of the leading frameworks in the market is React JS. Facebook maintains the framework.

● Vue: Known as a reliable open-source framework, Vue is in a state of constant expansion. Evan You and the ever-increasing community control its maintenance.

11. Tooling and ecosystem

● React: React JS must be used in association with other libraries. Moreover, it is dependent on external solutions such as Redux/Flux for state management and routing. It simplifies the debugging process extensively. React allows the react-router and react-redux to the community. This leads to a highly fragmented ecosystem.

● Vue: It is true that Vue is a standalone framework. However, in comparison to React, it has fewer libraries. The Vue development team maintains Vuex and Vue-router.

12. Scalability

● React: React is one of the most lightweight JavaScript frameworks. It can be used in the development of multi-page applications. Moreover, you can also use React components to import the library.

● Vue: In comparison, Vue excels in multi-page applications development. Importing the library here is easy and hassle-free. Moreover, you can also add Vue to the multi-page app with ease.

13. Usage of third-party technologies

● React: Due to the status of React as a JavaScript library, the framework is quite limited. That is why it becomes compulsory for developers to opt for third-party technologies. You can increase the functionality of this framework with ease.

● Vue: Vue, one of the most reliable JavaScript frameworks, offers different functionalities. As such, developers can get a wide range of opportunities. Moreover, you can also take the assistance of different third-party modules to gain more functionality. However, this is not compulsory.

These are the top 13 parameters that you can use to compare these two frameworks – React and Vue at Digital People.

In order to choose the best one, you need to understand the requirements of your project. Moreover, selecting the best development company is also a must.

Conclusion (Vue vs React)

It is without a doubt that Vue JS and React JS are both reliable and popular JavaScript frameworks. If you want to develop excellent single page web applications, both of them are great choices.

You need to take a look at the features and the scope of the project before making any decision. 

However, for excellent results, you need to choose the best React JS and VueJS Development Company.

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