Being a blogger for your website can become pretty challenging as you may have to update the content over time.

Sometimes, you have to update search engines' policies to provide the latest and trending information.

online text editors

Most bloggers and web admins prefer to keep things online even when various responsive and efficient editors are available to download. That's because an saves you a lot of time and effort.

Just like local storage has shifted to cloud storage, text editors are going online to assist in writing.

This article will discuss the benefits of using an online text editor as a webmaster. We will also discuss the basic definition of text editor based on its features.

What is an Online Text Editor?

An online text editor enables you to edit text from an online platform within the browser. These text editors are not like your average MS Word or Notepad. But you get additional options to improve the quality of your text while editing it.

With an online text editor, you can edit text and perform checks like grammatical mistakes or plagiarism. A quick option of paraphrasing is rightly available to save you from the allegation of plagiarism.

Let's have a detailed look at the benefits of an online text editor:

13 Benefits of An Online Text Editor for Webmasters

1. Ease of access

Anything online brings the significant advantage of being available from anywhere, anytime. Online text editor breaks the platform's boundaries, which means you can access this tool from any electronic device with a browser and internet.

2. No installation

Any text editor like MS Word may require an installation and registration process. However, there is no such case with online text editors.

You have to open your browser, go online, and use the tool. You'll get all the options on your screen without worrying about the compatibility factor.

3. Paste and edit

A web admin may find it annoying to shift windows and switch apps to perform editing actions. You don't have to leave your browser with an online text editor.

Simply switch tabs to access the editor. You can paste or type text in the box to perform editing features.

4. Editing shortcuts

All your editing tools and features are available in an online text editor. You can add bullets, apply to numbers, add line spacing, change font size, choose various font styles, and a lot more.

It also gives access to technical features like link insertion on text. Add tables or insert headings.

With an online text editor, you can perform all the updating of your blog or website in real-time without closing or installing anything.

5. Allows you to learn HTML

Online text editors are helpful to understand HTML language.

Even if you are a non-technical person, these editors will help you familiarize yourself with HTML basics as it has various features to add page text and use headings.

6. Improvises skill

A webmaster who can edit and modify text using an online text editor is more skilful than the average web developer. It is more like an additional skill that adds to your demand in the technology market.

7. Improve formatting

Web admins can improvise the alignment and formatting in real-time using these online text editors. 

Web admins can make their web pages look cleaner with these tools and edit multiple times to achieve the perfect alignment.

Using these editors, you can add HTML tags in real-time, which helps your pages to load faster.

8. Reading HTML becomes easy

It becomes convenient to read and understand HTML language with a text editor. Working with a team of web developers, it becomes easier for one to make changes according to the team's preference.

9. Edit and write unique content

Most web editors include features to remove grammatical mistakes and check plagiarism. These features are not available with offline text editors.

Since we bring convenience for bloggers and web developers, checking plagiarism is a huge plus to embed with an editing tool. 

You can also take the help of ai writing software like Jasper to edit and write original content. It comes with an in-built plagiarism checker powered by Copyscape. Try for free and get a 10,000 words bonus credit from Digital People.

Bloggers can quickly proofread with the "check grammar" feature of online text editors. Even if you have some content already posted online, you can directly copy-paste it here and perform a quick edit in a matter of minutes.

10. No word limits

Suppose you're thinking of editing the whole blog but don't know where to start. Just select the entire content and paste it into the online text editor field because these tools don't have limitations.

Most online text editors are free, making it easier for web admins to access them easily. Even when these tools are freeware software, there are no editing options.

11. Availability on mobile devices

This feature can come in handy for web admins as they can access any online editing tool on their mobile device.

Some editors might ask to go an extra step and download their dedicated application. But still, online editors can be accessed from mobile browsers.

12. Download results

If you're looking to perform a comparison or perform editing offline, you can save/download the text from an online text editor. The tool will ask you to save the file in either PDF or DOC format.

13. Safe and Easy to use

These online text editors are entirely safe for use, and your data is secure. There is no hidden or exposed online storage option for your text.

Anyone familiar with the basics of editing or typing text can use the features of an online text editor with ease.


In the technology-driven era, accessing multiple tools for performing one change can get stressful. With the online text editors, things have become quick and easy for both writers and web admins.

These online tools provide a free and secure platform for web admins to edit and update their websites.

You can also explore other writing tools to get help with content. Web developers can improvise their skillset to excel in the web development market using these tools.

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