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2021 is leaving us!

Now it’s time to gear up for SEO in 2022 with Digital People.

With just a few days left for 2022, are you ready with new SEO strategies to beat your competition and drive more leads to your website?

Well, don't worry; this article will focus on the Top 10 SEO trends in 2022, which will help you formulate an effective SEO strategy. 

SEO Trend 1: Power of Artificial intelligence in SEO

Artificial intelligence will continue to dominate Seo in 2022 and will continue to evolve.

Back in 2015, Google's Al algorithm RankBrain was introduced, which plays a vital role in ranking as it helps Google to process search results and provide more relevant search results for users.

Another crucial algorithm by Google is known as "BERT," which stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

Google introduced it on 22 October 2019.

It helps Google to understand what words in a sentence mean in search queries and also improve results for voice searches, and focus on producing high-quality content.

So while creating content, you should create high-quality, engaging, and useful content for the readers with quality backlinks.

This will help you optimize your content and improve the user experience, and according to the expert's user experience signals are primary determinants.

SEO Trend 2: Focus on Long-Form Content

Focusing on long-form content will help you achieve a higher Google ranking, and according to the reports of State of Content Marketing, content with 3000 words plus get more traffic and are four times more shares.

long form content seo trend 2021

While creating long-form content, improve the content's readability using H2, H3 tags to break the whole paragraph, make it shareable, provide unique & high-quality content, and link out to relevant high authority sites.

Use high quality, relevant images in your content. Make sure to use the ALT Tag to optimize your images as Image Optimization also plays an essential role in formulating an effective SEO Strategy. Take the help of an SEO consultant.

You can also take help from AI copywriting tools to create original and engaging long-form content articles in less time for any industry.

SEO Trend 3: Videos Are No Longer Just Options

It is one of the most prominent mistakes people make is not including video in their content.

Video consumption has seen massive growth. Now, people are finding video content more engaging as compared to other forms of content.

Seo trend video content in 2021

So you can start optimizing your video content with the channel names and descriptions. Tell your audience what unique, valuable content they can expect in a friendly manner and use relevant keywords related to your niche.

SEO Trend 4: Impact of Voice Search on SEO

Voice search has become popular among people. It is much easier to use than the then traditional way of typing your queries in the search box.

SEO trend 2021 Voice search

Innovations like Google Assistant, Apple’s siris, Amazon Alexa, have made our life more comfortable.

Just by verbally asking a question on a smartphone, smart device, or computer, you will get your entire question answered.

In fact, according to Google Reports, 27% of the online global population is using voice search on smartphones, and that's huge.

So how can you optimize your content for voice search?

Focus on long phrases which people use in their daily life conversations, and the top 3 common keywords in voice search phrases are "how," "what," and "best."

For example, people might search for what are the best SEO strategies for 2022?

SEO Trend 5: Mobile Friendliness for Higher Ranking

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives, and according to the research, nearly 73% of internet users will access the internet solely via mobile devices by 2025.

This makes it necessary for you to make your website mobile-friendly and check that by using Google's free mobile-friendly test, you can also check out mobile usability reports in the search console.

Finally, make sure that you don't have a disallow directive in place and always use the same Meta robots tags on the desktop and mobile sites.

SEO Trend 6: User Experience Matters the Most

Ultimately you are creating content for the user first then for the search engines so your website should load in less than 3 seconds load as we know, page speed is one of the essential UI/UX factors; it helps improve your ranking and create a good user experience.

Ensure your website or page is mobile-friendly as most of the searches will be from mobile, so make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

It would be best if you always used such font type, which is easy to read and scannable, and your font size should be large enough to be easily read on all kinds of devices.

Check if there are any broken links present on your website try to resolve it as it can hamper your user experience.

SEO Trend 7: Image Optimization in SEO

When you are doing the image optimization part, always use descriptive file names to save the images.

What does that mean is, you should always save the images based upon the content of the images.

When it comes to boosting your site's ranking, one of the essential factors that many people miss out is to use Alt tags and descriptive image file names.

This not only creates a good user experience but helps Google spiders to crawl and understand your content type is. Check out the Image SEO guide which further helps in the image optimization process.

SEO Trend 8: On-Page SEO is Still a GameChanger

Still, many people don't know that if On-Page SEO is not done correctly, then your content will not get its share of visibility.

What that means is just by looking at a book’s cover you will get an idea about the content of the book similarly your on-page SEO will help attract your desired audience.

You can start your On-Page Optimization by adding the relevant keywords in your site/ Page URLs, Titles, Meta Descriptions. Check SEO meta tags generator tools.

Use Title modifiers such as Best, Top, Guide, etc., always try to create a short and crispy URL that does not look spammy to the user.

Meta Description should have the relevant keyword and your unique selling points about your product & services, which will attract more clicks.

Create high-quality, relevant backlinks from authoritative sites and as well as appropriate internal links to engage your reader, which will increase your dwell time and eventually help you to improve your ranking.

SEO Trend 9: Fight for Position "#0"

Featured Snippet is another surprise that is introduced by Google back in 2017 also known as Position Zero "#0".

Why is it known as position Zero "#0"?

As it's a box type or short snippets of text that appear at the top of Google's search results as a result of a brief and quick answer to a searcher's query.

One of the advantages of featured snippets is that you can steal a significant amount of traffic from your competitors without higher Google rankings.

As per Search Engine land's report, a Feature snippet will get approximately 8% of all clicks, and if your content appears in a Feature snippet, it will give your organic CTA a serious boost.

There are four main types of feature snippets that you will find in Google's search results.

Definition Box: it is a snippet designed to provide the searcher with a concise definition.

They are most commonly used for the ''what is" query and have 40-60 words.

Table Snippet: Data is pulled from web pages and displayed in the form of a table by Google.

Ordered List: it is a list of items represented in a specific manner.

They are commonly used by Google trends to display the search query in the listed order.

Unordered List: in an unordered list, Google presents the data for a searcher's query that does not require being in a specific manner order.

How to optimize content for Feature snippets?

While creating a piece of content, focus on question-based queries and relevant keywords which users might be searching for.

Use bullet-points, how-to guide and product reviews, and you can use Google's search function “people ask" for inspiration.

SEO Trend 10: Rank High with Google's EAT

E.A.T. stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Undoubtedly EAT is going to play a vital role in Google ranking in 2022, and you should start developing content that fulfils Google's E.A.T principle.

Why EAT is essential?

As millions of content are being published on hundreds of websites by clueless writers and if the information is inaccurate, especially in business, health care or finance niches in that case misleading will be high.

That's why to maintain the quality of content, and for higher ranking, your content should fulfil Google's E.A.T principle.

So how can you optimize your content for EAT?

Here are some tips that you can use to ensure high-quality content for your reader's start by creating buyer's personas try to figure out what kind of information they are looking for and what are their pain points.

Understand their intent as it will help you to map the customer journey. Choose your content form as that fits the format of your reader's preference.

Use statistical and facts to back up your claims and finally link out to authoritative sites such as ".edu", ".gov" URLs.

All these tips will help you to fulfil the E.A.T principle in your content.

Many biggies have already published their thoughts on 2022 Search Engine Optimization trends.

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Conclusion For Search Engine Optimization Trends 2022

So what are you waiting for?

Beat your competition with Top 10 SEO trends and plan your SEO strategy today.

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  1. I'm not a fan of giving SEO predictions for the coming year 2021.

    For me one thing that I can say for SEO in 2021 is that the fundamentals of SEO won't change in the coming 12 months.

    You have to keep studying what people are searching for in your niche. Also keep working on creating the best-in-class content to answer those searches.

    Keep generating quality backlinks. And you'll be fine.

    Lets see what type of new algorithms google brings in 2021. Till then take care.

  2. What are the major google algorithm changes we can expect in SEO for 2021?


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