Are you looking for the best AI writing software and AI content writing tools in 2023?

Well, just read this post to find the top ai writing software that solves your content writing problems instantly.

There is a lot of hype around using artificial intelligence writing tools for content writing right now.

best ai writing software & content writing tools in 2023

When you search for the best AI writing software, Google will give you a lot of results.

But we have already done the hard work for you and listed the top AI-powered content writing tools if you don't want to spend your time looking into them.

Many people are using AI tools for writing their own marketing and blogging content.

Here are our top 4 AI writing software recommendations for 2023!

Our Top 4 AI Writing Software Picks

1) is the best overall AI writing tool with support for creative short-form and engaging long-form content using 50+ AI tools. We are giving away 10,000 words to try Jasper for FREE. Claim free credits and use Jasper to create some awesome content.

2) gives you the ability to create great-looking text in seconds. I've been using it alongside Jasper for a while, and it helped me to generate blog introductions, blog headlines, email subject lines, social media captions and more. Try for FREE

3) Closerscopy is the most advanced AI copywriter assistant on this list. It is equipped with proprietary AI technology and over 300+ marketing frameworks and workflows. Check

4) Frase AI: Frase is an AI-powered content platform that helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours. Try

Creating and maintaining an excellent copy isn't easy. The best AI writing software can give you a quick start in writing excellent marketing copy.

You need a lot of time to write copy that doesn't only rank well in search engines, but also engages and converts your audience.

Content writing can include research, crafting copy, reviewing content, optimizing, publishing, updating, and more.

Yes, it is quite a lengthy procedure. That isn't something to think you should ignore. After all, well-written content can increase your conversion rate by 160%.

What is AI Writing Software?

AI writing software, also known as AI content writing tools, are pieces of software that write text-based content on user input. These tools are powered by artificial intelligence.

With the help of artificial intelligence writing software, you can generate human-like text content. AI writing software can be beneficial for individuals and businesses that do content marketing.

Modern technology, a behemoth, can help us. These AI-powered technologies are meant to assist humans and not replace them.

AI-enabled writing tools are growing smarter every day, and some of them can save you time on a daily basis.

How does AI writing Software work?

AI writing software tools are used to create content and text for a variety of purposes.

They can be used for marketing copy, social media captions, and other forms of communication.

These tools are usually used by people who have a specific need for content that they don't have the time or skills to generate on their own.

AI writing tools are ideal for creating a persuasive and engaging copy.

Many tools use machine learning and natural language processing to understand the context and generate similar content to human beings.

The most popular brands in this field include Jasper, Closerscopy, Copy AI, and Rytr AI.

Now let's discuss this in detail.

16 Best AI Writing Tools & AI Content Software for Fast Copy Creation In 2023

Check out sixteen awesome AI writing tools and content writing software in 2023 to help you improve your writing process and save time at Digital People!
  4. ClosersCopy
  7. Copymatic AI
  8. Scalenut
  10. Writesonic AI
  11. Wynter
  12. Convert
  13. Scrivener
  14. AirStory
  15. Headlime
  16. Grammarly
So, here are some of the top 16 best writing software that every copywriter may use to improve the quality of their material, outperform their competition, and increase conversion rates.

1. (Formerly - Leader In AI Writing Space

jasper ai best ai copywriting tool

Visit & Claim a 10,000 Free Bonus

Formerly known as and, Jasper is the leader in the AI writing software space.

There are more than 50 powerful AI templates available to help you stay consistently on top of your mind while creating content.

Jasper acquired tools such as Outwrite, Headlime and Shortly AI to improve its writing capabilities.

Using Jasper, you can create your blog posts, articles, e-books, video scripts, and any other content for your business in a matter of seconds.

Just choose a template, fill in the topic details, and Jasper AI writer will write the content for you.

Main Features of
  • Forget writer's block and 10X your content creation process.
  • 50+ Powerful AI writing templates for short-form and long-form writing.
  • Generate new content ideas on any topic in a matter of seconds.
  • Create content in 29 languages, including English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • You can create art that illustrates your content in the best detail using Jasper Art.
  • Jasper Chat gives you the freedom to have natural conversations and generate high-quality content.
  • Surfer integration to write content that ranks on Page 1.
  • Jasper Chrome extension to write content anywhere on the internet.

Jasper Use Case: Live Example

Here is a live example using the Jasper Paragraph generator template.

Content Input:

What is your paragraph about: Write a blog post about product photography. Explain Why Product Photography Is Important For E-commerce Marketing Strategy.
Keywords To Include: product photography, e-commerce photography
The Tone of Voice: Engaging
Language: English

Content Output by

Product photography should be an essential part of any e-commerce business’s marketing strategy if they want to be successful. It’s a great way to showcase products in their best light and make them more appealing to customers. Product photography allows customers to view the product in detail and really get a feel for it. A high-quality image can go a long way in convincing customers to make a purchase. It also allows customers to get a better understanding of the product before buying. Good product photography can also help to boost a brand’s reputation and build trust with customers. It can also be used to create high-quality content for social media and marketing campaigns. So if you want to ensure your eCommerce business is successful, make sure you invest in product photography. It could be the difference between success and failure.

Check out this video tutorial to learn how to use Jasper's paragraph generator template: Try For Free

Pricing Starts at $29 per month

Jasper provides three pricing options: starter mode, boss mode and business plan.

  1. Starter Mode: Starts at $29/mo for 20,000 words
  2. Boss Mode: Starts at $59/mo for 50,000 words
  3. Business: Custom pricing

Add-on Pricing
  • SEO Surfer: $59/mo
  • Jasper Art: $20/mo
For more information about the AI software, see my full Jasper AI review.

The Bonus Offer from

Get 10,000 words for free. You can try Jasper for free and claim your 10,000 words using our speical free trial link.

Simply click the trial link below and enjoy 10k bonus.

2. - Second Best AI Writing Software

copyai ai copywriting software

CopyAI can be the finest alternative for you if you're looking for a creative brainstorming buddy. It has the potential to extend your thinking as well as quickly develop outstanding marketing text or content.

You can develop new and imaginative material that catches users' interest in a variety of ways, from digital adverts to blog entries to product descriptions.

It leverages the world's most powerful AI-language model in order to produce high-quality copies.

This automated copywriting programme also comes with a Google Chrome extension to help you streamline your productivity.

Simply install it on your Chrome browser and start making copies while you're out and about.

CopyAI now supports the following languages: Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, and Polish, in addition to English (British and American).

Highlights of

● A Smooth and sleek user interface 
● The most straightforward and simple to use 
● More than 20 languages are used in his work.
● Capable of creating a variety of content kinds and even developing a content strategy


● Not offers complete blog entry creation. 
● Minor grammatical problems in samples.

CopyAI offers a free plan with 100 content credits for the first month. Check the Copy AI website to learn more about its pricing.

3. - Rising AI Content Generator Tool is a content marketing tool that allows you to create a content brief and write a complete article. It is designed primarily for bloggers or anyone who needs to brief writers to write blog posts on their behalf.

You can include up to three keywords in a blog post, and Frase will find the top 20 websites that rank in Google for those keywords.

In addition, it will provide you with information about each of those top 20 articles, for example, the average word count, the average number of images, the headings used, key topics mentioned, etc.

Highlights of

● Automatically generate optimized content
● Time-saving tool for content & SEO
● Content marketing and optimization abilities
● Constantly adding new content features
● Great customer support


● The software can sometimes be unreliable.
● Content scraping failures

4. - Best Al Writer with Proprietary Network

Using ClosersCopy, you can create and customize content for sales letters, business websites, advertisements, email marketing, and social media.

Copywriters can use this service to create quality copy to use in advertisements for social media networks like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and sales campaigns, among other possibilities like blog posts and more.

The platform was created by Nico Engler, an expert copywriter who wanted to support customers in writing compelling copy in a short time without the high expense of hiring a copywriter.

ClosersCopy tools and templates will help you write faster and spend less time on the website.

Moreover, the service helps companies write persuasive copy without prior writing experience that increases customer conversions. It specifically helps businesses that operate online.

Highlights of ClosersCopy:

● Customised AI generation program
● Offers Lifetime Deal with unlimited AI generation content credits
● Hundreds of marketing frameworks & templates for ads, blog posts, sales copy, and emails
● Easy to use UI with intuitive drag and drop content builder
● Content documents and projects are stored in the cloud safely
● Affordable as compared to others


● Limited resources for learning the tool
● No built-in plagiarism checker
● Need a bit of platform learning

5. - Best SEO Content Writing Software

Outranking is the new AI SEO content writing tool in the market.

Outranking AI is one of the best tools in the market that helps you write SEO-optimized content in minutes, as well as one of the best AI writing tools in the market. Moreover, it provides content creation in 13 languages.

outranking best seo content copywriting tool

With Outranking, AI writing and SEO are brought together under one roof. Writers, marketers, and creators who want their content to rank on Google with quality can use this tool to analyze and optimize SERPs, increase SEO, and research keywords.

Creating unique and engaging content for a website and social media is straightforward with Outranking.

The tool offers automated workflows and step-by-step instructions to fit a variety of use cases, and it constantly adds new features to remain the most competitive. You can learn more about Outranking lifetime deals here.

Highlights of Outranking:

● Industry-Leading AI learning model technology including NLP and NLG.
● SERP analysis feature to give you a comprehensive view of the top 20 organic competitors with SEO data.
● Outline builder feature to build SEO-friendly articles within minutes.
● It supports factual copywriting
● Google's People Also Ask feature
● Integration with Google Docs And WordPress Plugins


● There is a learning curve to using this content writing tool.
● Character generation limits are low

6. Rytr - The Most Affordable AI Writing Tool

In the past few months, Rytr has silently made its way to the top of the AI writing league.

Rytr is a relatively new copywriting software, but despite this, it packs all the content features and amenities you need to succeed in copywriting.

rytr best ai writer software

Rytr uses the advanced GPT-3 AI language model for content generation. To further enhance your copywriting experience, Rytr also includes a proprietary AI developed by the team.

This will help you generate more interesting and human-like content using Rytr software.

It has a great customer support team and a developer team. Their support team assists customers with their writing process, while their development team develops new features constantly.

Highlights of

● Cutting-Edge AI technology with an easy-to-use interface.
● It offers over 25 content use cases to generate various types of copy.
● It supports over 25 different languages, so you can write content in your preferred language.
● Inbuilt plagiarism checker to give you 100% unique content every time.
● Super helpful for niche-specific content
● It has teamed up with AppSumo and offers a Rytr lifetime deal at just $39 one-time purchase.


● Limited characters output
● Unfair charge on credits

7. Copymatic AI - Generate Copy In Seconds

Copymatic is one of the revolutionary ai writers that automatically generates SEO-optimized and engaging content for your business with the power of AI.

After signing up to Copymatic, you can find a series of options for the type of content you want to create using Copymatic.

It includes social media ads, website copy, SEO content, e-commerce copy and more with just a click of a button.

You can also add the relevant language as it supports multiple languages. You can use Copymatic AI to boost your website traffic and save hours of work that you put on content writing.

HIghlights of Copymatic AI:

● Easy UI and UX
● Automatically write unique content
● Supports around 25 languages
● Money-back guarantee


● A little pricey
● Sometimes the output is irrelevant

8. Scalenut - Generate Better Content at Scale

The Scalenut platform is pretty new. It is an AI-enabled content research and creation tool that helps users create high-ranking content.

scalenut best seo content writer tool

Scalenut provides marketing professionals around the world with content creation solutions that leverage technology developments such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Highlights of Scalenut:

● AI SEO content assistant with Google NLP for content improvement.
● You can export content in HTML or PDF.
● Built-in SEO assistant to help you generate content that ranks.
● It offers several customization features for content creation.


● Sometimes generated content can be repetitive.
● Lack of tutorials & resources to learn the tool.
● It supports very few languages.

A free trial plan is available with 2000 words of content credit using our link.

9. Copysmith AI Copy Writer

copysmith ai copywriting software

Copysmith is another great product on the list of the finest AI-powered copywriting software. It is jam-packed with rich features that serve you a lot more than you expect on your plates. 

Unlike a few other programmes, Copysmith only supports the English language, at the moment. However, it is quite straightforward to use.

It also comes with Google Chrome, which allows you to smoothly communicate ideas between your browser and your office.

It, too, uses cutting-edge artificial technology to generate thousands of product descriptions for your online store for a fraction of the cost of competing applications.

Highlights of

● A good AI author 
● Lets you make a blog post 
● Enables Plagiarism detection
● Using keywords to target your audience
● Capable of writing content or marketing copy in a variety of languages 


● Pricing Uncertainty 
● There are fewer templates than their peers. 

10. Writesonic AI Writing Assistant Tool

Writesonic ai copywriting software

This AI writing tool will assist you in converting your thoughts into well-written text, whether you're creating blog posts, website sales copy, or product descriptions.

To generate high-converting marketing content for your brand, this copywriting generator uses the Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA copywriting formulas.

Despite the fact that it has a lot of functionality, the user interface is quite neat and tidy. It is currently available in 24 languages throughout the world.

Highlights of Writesonic:

● It's simple to use.  
● Supports around 24 languages 
● Generating high-quality short-form content 
● Create stunning, comprehensible landing pages in seconds and get the code and graphics right away. 


● Some articles are still poorly written, with numerous glaring factual inaccuracies. 
● The Starter package does not include limitless generation.

11. Wynter - Message Testing Tool

wynter ai message testing app

Wynter is a message testing tool that can help you figure out if your content is resonating with your audience. It allows you to assess the copy in your ads, emails, and even your website. 

You'll also be able to see where you went wrong and where your copy has blind spots, so you can modify it and improve your results.

Highlights of

● They offer a complete money-back guarantee. 
● You have the option of getting broad or granular results. 
● B2B and consumer panels that have been individually reviewed 


● A little pricey 
● You might not agree with all of the panellists' responses.

12. Convert - A/b Content Testing Tool

convert for better content experience

Convert is a flicker-free A/B Testing tool that helps you improve the conversion rate of your website content.

It allows you to do four types of tests; A/B Tests, Split Testing, Multivariate Testing, and Multipage Experiments.

It also offers a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to run all the tests without having to code anything.

If you're interested in learning more, you may use their JS tester for dynamic testing, which gives you access to JS, jQuery, and CSS codes.

Even with the free trial, you get unlimited sub-domains, customer accounts, and the ability to conduct infinite tests and variants.

Highlights of

● 15-day free trial 
● Geo-targeting in depth 
● Profiling of advanced DMPs 
● Notifications Concerning Privacy 
● Segmentation after the test based on new/returning consumers, browsers used, devices, and so on. 


● With rates starting at $699 per month, it's a little on the pricey side. 
● The learning curve is steep. 

13. Scrivener Writing Tool

scrivener ai app for all types of writers

Scrivener collects and organises the data, documents, and information you'll need to create content.

It allows you to jump between research pages, piece together content, segment content, create lists, add images and links, and more.

It also comes with cork-boards to help you organise indexed cards of various colours, allowing you to keep track of different narratives.

Highlights of Scrivener:

● Auto-save and backups are compatible with macOS, Windows, and iOS. 
● Take photos to keep track of your progress.


● It's not easy to comprehend 
● The user interface should be more user-friendly.

14. Airstory Writing Software

airstory writing software

Copyhackers built this drag-and-drop document creator, Airstory. It's a great way for authors, bloggers, and others to collaborate and work on a project.

For starters, it comes with a Chrome Extension called "Airstory Researcher." It allows you to clip and save data, research, and other information you find online, as well as the source URL.

They also provide a variety of pre-built, configurable templates for you to employ in your projects. You can customise them by editing, adapting, and exporting them to meet your needs.

Highlights of

● Editing by multiple people 
● A built-in spell and grammar checker is included. 
● Integration with Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and other cloud storage services 


● A little pricey, a free trial could be a little longer for better customer outreach.

15. Headlime

headlime ai copywriting software

AI can be used in content marketing in ways other than copywriting. Headlime is an all-purpose tool that matches your needs if you have a diverse content strategy.

Headlime can write a complete blog article for you. However, unlike Article Forge, it is not entirely AI-generated.

Headlime, unlike other copywriting tools, can create a whole landing page for you (not just text.) Your gorgeous landing pages will be available in minutes.

To learn how the AI creates landing pages, please watch the video below. You can choose from roughly ten languages on Headlime, including major European languages, Chinese, and Japanese. 

Highlights of

● 10+ languages are supported. 
● Collaborative tools that work 
● Additional content tools that are excellent 
● (almost 2000 templates, AI Landing page builder) 
● Excellent documentation Overall, this is a great tool for content development. 


● On sophisticated issues, AI does not write well. 
● Additional user seats are expensive.

16. Grammarly

grammarly online writing assistant

The grammar and proofreading tool can be found all over the internet. Every copywriter – or anyone who has to write even a few phrases every day – loves it right now.

The AI-powered writing assistant assists you in avoiding grammatical errors by considering the context of the sentence. It also helps you tighten your text by checking for overused words, wordy phrases, glaring modifiers, and passive voice. 

You may even customise your goals so that you only get suggestions that are relevant to your brand's voice, goals, and target audience.

You'll be able to choose the tone, target audience, content type, tone, and intent of your content. 

Highlights of

● Its Freemium plan
● Words that are adaptable 
● Interface that is easy to use 
● Plan that is available for free 


● It may misunderstand what you're trying to communicate at times. 
● Even if the usage of passive voice is unavoidable, the editor constantly emphasises it.

What is the Best AI Writing Software?

Here is the list of our top 10 recommendations for the best AI writing software to try for marketing copywriting in 2023.

FAQ's: Related to AI Writing Software

What is AI writing?

AI Copywriting or AI Writing is a new form of writing that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and NLP technology to create short-form and long-form content.

What is the best AI writing tool?

The Best AI Writing Software in 2023 for most business owners and digital entrepreneurs are, Closerscopy,,, and

Will AI take over copywriting in 2023?

No, AI will not overtake copywriting completely in 2023. Copywriting is a job that requires a lot of creativity. But as technology advances, more jobs will be managed by machines. In 2023, we'll see more robots than humans writing copy.

While AI can assist, it cannot replace effective copywriters because it does not comprehend emotions and empathy, which are both key ingredients in good copy.

Is AI writing free?

No, AI writing is not completely free but you can find tools like Jasper AI, Copy AI and Rytr which offer a free trial to test the tool for AI writing.

Is AI writing articles?

Yes, AI writing can also be used to generate articles and blog posts. It's not a perfect solution as of yet, but it can save a lot of time for content writers who are looking to generate articles and blog posts at scale.

What is AI writing tools?

AI writing tools are the list of software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate human-friendly content for you. You can simply give it a brief about your topic and these tools will write high-quality content in a matter of seconds.

Conclusion for Best AI Software For Writing 2023

Now you have a list of the greatest AI writing software and copywriting solutions that do the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is give the machine a few easy instructions, and these instruments will take care of the rest.

Your copy will require time, planning, and money. Your copy will be virtually unbeatable if you add excellent grammar, SEO optimization, brief prose, and other features.

If you want to outperform your competitors, now is the time to try out these top AI writing tools.

I recommend that you sign up for the free trial and try them out on your own before purchasing. Most of the tools offer a free trial or a free plan to explore the tool.

So which AI writing software you are going to try for your business? Do let us know in the comment section.

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