Are you looking for the best Email writing tools that will help you write better prospecting emails in 2022? If yes then you are in the right place.

best ai tools for email writing in 2022

If you want to get email copy like a professional writer, then check out our top 3 emails ai writing tools.

In marketing and sales, email plays a vital role. Besides being used for business, emails are needed for a range of other purposes.

Email allows companies to reach many potential customers at once because of its global reach and customization possibilities.

Emails are however difficult to master. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be a challenge anymore. Thanks to tools!

There are many tools available for writing emails, including email software and AI-powered copywriting tools.

Now you can write emails with a variety of email writing tools effortlessly, making it easy and convenient for you.

When you interact with your prospects via emails online, these AI email writing tools will help you to become more productive.

What Is AI Email Writing Tools?

AI email writing tool is a web-based application that uses machine-learning technology to analyze your brief text information and generate highly engaging email copy for you fast. The company behind the tool trains its software to deliver content based on user inputs.

Email writing tools give you the ability to write well-structured emails with no errors. The latest artificial technology is used to write professional and error-free emails. Learn more about AI copywriting here.

Discover some of the hottest ai tools that you can use to write content and drive successful email campaigns in 2022.

Best AI Email Writing Tools for an Effective Email Copy in 2022

1. Smartwriter AI

This is a personalized AI cold email writing tool. It is very simple to use and AI makes it powerful. is a completely automated email writing platform that generates engaging and customized cold emails content within seconds using AI.

smartwriter email writing tool best one

This email writing tool is intuitive with the simplest layout. It reduces the time by generating email introductions based on data points.

Features of SmartWriter AI Tool:
  • Automate your entire research & copywriting process in seconds
  • Write punchy personalized cold emails for sales or outreach
  • Achieve great reply rates considering the industry numbers
  • Huge time saver if you write a lot of emails

Smart Writer Free Trial: You can write personalize email for free for 7-days. Yes, It offers a 7-day free trial to the complete software. Try for Free

SmartWriter AI Pricing: The basic plan starts at $59 per month. You can get a flat 20% off on all SmartWriter's annual plans.

Verdict: Overall a great email writing tool to generate cold emails and email outreach for backlinks at scale.

2. Jarvis AI

This tool is an all-around AI copywriting platform. It’s like a content manager that generates all types of content things you need to do to make a successful online campaign. Be it blog posts, social media ads or sales email.

jarvis ai for writing great emails is one of the best AI copywriting tools that use the GPT-3 algorithm to generate content. It will ask you for information like your company name, what your product does, and the context to include in the email. Based on that information, it will generate an entire email content as per your needs.

Features of Jarvis AI:
  • Generate complete email content & outstanding subject lines using AI
  • Access to over 50 other AI copywriting templates
  • Save time and increase speed for your email content pipeline
  • Write creative emails in over 25 different languages Free Trial: You can use Jarvis AI copywriting tool for 5-days for free. It offers a 5-day free trial with 10,000 words of credit. Try for Free

Jarvis AI Pricing: The starter plan starts at $29 per month with 20,000 words of credit. You can save a flat 16% by switching to yearling billing. I recommend the Boss Mode plan which comes at $59 per month with 50,000 words credit.

Verdict: If you want your content creation to happen 5X faster, Jarvis AI is the solution for you. With Jarvis, you can create amazing email copies for better conversions. You can also generate other types of content like blogs, social media captions, landing page copies and more.

3. Unbounce Smart Copy

Unbounce acquired a new artificial intelligence copywriting solution called from Chris Frantz in October of 2021, then the Unbounce team renamed it "Smart Copy".

smart copy by unbounce snazzy ai

You can use Smart Copy to write a variety of copies. There are more than 45 templates in the tool, from Email Content Creator to Google Ads Generator. You can even get ideas for short Instagram videos.

For Emails, Smart Copy can generate customer-focused sales outreach emails, attractive subject lines, and email pitches to investors.

email templates smart copy

You can find four different templates for writing great emails, including Email Subject Lines, Sales Outreach, Pitch a VC & Pitch and Angel.

Features of Smart Copy:
  • Instantly generate email copy using AI
  • Profile feature where you can tell AI about your email campaign, target audience & services
  • Access to over 55 other AI copywriting templates
  • It offers Chrome Extension that will jump in and help you write your copy

Smart Copy Free Trial & Pricing: You can use the Smart Copy AI writing tool for free where you get 5 content generations per day. If you want unlimited generations, pricing starts at $49 per month. Try Smart Copy for Free

Verdict: Smart Copy inspires many copywriters who are stuck because of writer's block. Overall a great AI copywriting tool to explore for email content writing.

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