Want to design a quality blog to gain more traffic and optimize your reputation? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Here you will know how to incorporate more value into your blog without putting in much effort.

Excel from your competitors and perform well in a challenging world through adopting the latest and modern technology tools. 

The online technology tools that are free to use assist much in setting up a blog with attractive content.

Let us have a rapid glance at how technology plays a marvellously significant effect and contribution in this regard:

  • Quick editing online
  • Identification of duplicate content
  • Targeting appropriate keywords
  • Rephrasing content
  • Build strong connection

1. Quick Editing Online

An online text editor is an online tool that helps in writing the content online. Moreover, it helps in modifying the content with super ease. 

All you need to have is a strong internet connection for doing lots of editing anytime you like.

When any amazing idea comes to your mind, you can jot it down in the online text editor. It avoids the skipping of valuable ideas as these get properly mentioned creatively in your blog content.

Similarly, when you want to modify the text for the updates, you can do so within seconds using an online Notepad.

The online text editor tool allows you to upload the files on the tool for editing. You can get to know about the total word count and character count on this online tool.

Editpad.org is the fabulous and prestigious software that offers an online text editor with optimum efficacy and accurate outcomes.

2. Identification of Duplicate Content

Taking information from multiple sources and then incorporating it into your blog is quite common.

However, it is necessary not to copy your blog's content but write it a creative way into the blog. It will help much in driving more and more traffic to your blog posts.

Impress the masses with quality content rather than provide the same kind of content they are already going through from other sources.

Even a little bit of plagiarism can take you quite away from getting the ranking that you deserve. You need to get the most reliable and accurate plagiarism checker.

A blogger must check the plagiarism of blog posts by using online tools and get to know the content which is plagiarized.

You can also check the latest list of the best plagiarism checker software online in 2022 at Digital People.

The plagiarism checker's technology is ideal as it goes through the content and figures out the similarity index in a deep search. It reveals the sources of the content, too, along with the level of plagiarism.

3. Targeting Appropriate Keywords

Nothing can beat the significance and worth of a keyword finder. It is a tool that gains a lot of appreciation in facilitating bloggers.

Whenever you are about to write content for your blogs, then search for the valuable keyword. It would be best to find out the high-rated keywords that people explore on the search engines.

Make a list of these keywords as per the niche of your business. You can incorporate these into the title, Meta description, image alt attributes, and throughout the content in an impressive manner.

Check the list of the best keyword research tools that you can use to find the most appropriate keywords for your business website.

These must not look to be stuffed forcefully in the content. These must seem to be the supporting ones for the blog content. It is significant to mention that using one or two keywords is not ample. You can target multiple keywords, especially when the blog length is more.

4. Rephrasing Content

The advanced technology is meant to surprise the bloggers in terms of relaxation and feasibility.

One of these is the article spinner, which lets bloggers get more uniqueness in their blog content.

When you design the blog content, you go through the plagiarism checker to view the plagiarism status in it.

Upon getting plagiarism in it, you need to go through the article spinner.

Paraphrasing tool that offers rephrasing of the content by replacing the content with advanced synonyms.

Indeed, the best feature is that a high-quality article spinner does not merely go through word replacement. It in actual works on the sentences to bring improvement in it.

In the case of a massive hurry or shortage of time, do not write anything randomly, which is having no sense or informational content.

The best approach is to use the article spinner. It will convert the content amazingly into fabulously awesome content having quality in it. Or you can try some of the best ai writing tools to write highly engaging content.

We highly recommend Jasper AI - An AI copywriting tool that offers more than 50 different copywriting templates to generate content. We are offering free 10,000 words of credit when you sign up using our special jasper free trial link. Try Jasper.ai For Free

You can use these credits to generate some amazing short-form and long-form marketing copy to see how the technology works when it comes to generating content.

The top AI writing platforms generate plagiarism-free content with the help of machine learning and natural language processing algorithms.

You can publish such content on your blog site after going through the plagiarism check. However, if you want to use it later on and get some new points to add to it, then take assistance from the online text editor.

5 . Build a Strong Connection

You can take the aid of your blog posts to build a strong connection with the masses. It is possible when you offer them a sense of trust on your blog site. Use multiple high-quality SEO tools for these.

Technology offers you the golden opportunity to drive traffic in bulk at your site and retain them for longer at your blog site.

How? Well, it is pretty simple! Use a backlink generator to get a huge list of backlinks you can use in your blog content.

The most fabulous tip to implement is to apply a backlink at the targeted keyword. You can check the quality of your backlinks through the use of an online backlink checker.

Hence, you can get rid of low-quality backlinks immediately through this tactic. Let your blogs be a proper source for you to shine more and more in the online world.

While designing the blog post, you can even link your other blog posts to the content required by using a hyperlink.

It opens up the users' path to view your other posts, which will ultimately enhance their stay on your blog site.


You can find many online tech tools for growing your blog, but what you will need is a strategy that is going to help you blog more often and have an effective plan of action.

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