Linkhelp Review: This is a useful tool for LinkedIn interaction and to make LinkedIn connections on AppSumo. Using, you can easily start authentic conversations, connect with new people, and follow up on those relationships. It offers many features, including automated announcements of birthdays, anniversaries, and new positions. This is a great tool for lead generation on LinkedIn. Grab Linkhelp Lifetime Deal for $199 review and pricing in 2022

Tool Name: Linkhelp
Used For: Linkedin Automations
Best For: Lead Generation, Increase New Connections, LinkedIn Interactions
Digippl Ratings: ✩✩✩✩✩

The best way to grow on LinkedIn is by making a responsive and interactive profile. But the process of engaging with every potential customer or targeted profile can be very time-consuming.

LinkHelp is the first and most effective LinkedIn extension that can generate targeted messages and comments to build an expanded network for your business.

Whether you are a marketer, recruiter, job seeker, or entrepreneur, Linkhelp will send targeted messages to active LinkedIn accounts in your field and expand your network by acting faster and safely.

If you want to know about the various features and the awesome lifetime deal offer of Linkhelp, then you're at the right place. Keep scrolling down to find out more.

What is Linkhelp?

Linkhelp is the best LinkedIn automation tool. It can perform email scraping, lead generations, social selling, and so much more. Linkhelp uses LinkedIn’s API. And it is the only LinkedIn extension that acts with human behaviour on LinkedIn. So, it is completely safe and your account will not get blocked on LinkedIn.

Linkhelp is familiar with the limitations imposed by LinkedIn. It works wonderfully with all of LinkedIn's free, premium, and recruiter-like accounts.

linkhelp lifetime deal on appsumo targets the professionals in your sector and sends them personalized invitations or messages that look genuine and interesting. It targets all your prospective clients or dream companies and creates effective connections in your respective fields.

Features of Linkhelp: LinkedIn Automation Tool:

There are around 15 automation features offered by Linkhelp. The main feature is generating personalized invitations to prospective clients or active professional accounts. Linkhelp offers-

Message Campaigns: In this feature, Linkhelp sends invitations to people who are active on LinkedIn. It also generates thank you text with each accepted invitation. It is best suitable for people who are looking for a job or an internship. It increases your chances of being connected to the industry or company of your dreams.

Add Targeted Connections: With the help of this feature, you can invite thousands of targeted prospects to join your network. The personalized invitation will include the person’s first or last name to maximize the rate of acceptance.

Data Extraction: Linkhelp allows you to collect and extract data from both LinkedIn and the websites of clients. The data includes their surnames, names, emails, phone numbers, companies, etc. This will help you in generating personalized messages and grow your LinkedIn network.

Automatic Response: Linkhelp will automatically generate an accurate professional response for the messages you receive based on a given keyword.

Interactive comments/messages: Linkhelp will automatically commemorate the job anniversaries or birthdays of your contacts and congratulate them. It will also endorse your prospective accounts by showing your consideration and interest by recommending useful skills.

Safety Limits: Linkhelp offers complete safety. That's why it recommends daily usage limits based on your LinkedIn subscription.

Analyzing Campaigns: You can view the performance of your campaigns and profile based on daily, weekly, and monthly reports from your Linkhelp dashboard. It helps you analyze your current campaign and evaluate the progress of your account.

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User Guide for Linkhelp:

1. Filtering Audience: It will enable you to connect with people who like or comment on similar posts or videos.

2. Custom message: You can add a custom message of your choice. While sending invitations. Linkhelp will replace the first name of the person you're inviting.

3. Settings for Safety: You should set the random time between each action at 60 sec. It is better to set the start position at '0' in case you want to add a connection from the first person that comes in your LinkedIn's search results. If you want to be more careful, you should just connect with less than 80 users per day. And don't automate tasks over 100 in a day.

4. Click the “start” button: Now, you are good to go. You can start running another LinkHelp automation. You shouldn't close the browser and turn off your computer, otherwise, LinkHelp will stop.

How does Linkhelp help your business?

● Linkhelp uses automated generations with 100% safety.

● Its limitations are automatically set by default depending on the status of your LinkedIn account.

● You can perform more actions in less time and it saves much of your energy.

● It targets your prospective client accounts, connects you with professionals, and maintains engagement by generating automated invitations, likes, comments, congratulation messages, etc.

● Suitable for: Digital agencies, freelance consultants, small business owners, growth marketers, Influencers, job seekers, internship seekers, etc.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Linkhelp:


✅ Easy to use
✅ Clean and clear UI
✅ Time saver
✅ Generates automatic responses
✅ Support is very helpful
✅ Safest to use
✅ 15+ safe automation features


❎ Not a reliable alternative in the long run.
❎ Lacks certain features as it is too new

Grab Linkhelp Lifetime Deal for $199 Pricing And Lifetime Deal Terms on Appsumo:

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You get lifetime access to LinkHelp Plan

● You should redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

● You get access to all future LinkHelp Plan updates

● You have a 60-day money-back guarantee (No matter the reason.)

Get all the amazing offers of Linkhelp with a one-time purchase of just $199.00 at Appsumo. Grab LinkHelp Lifetime Deal Now

Linkhelp Pricing Plans

1. Lite Plan comes at $9/Month

  • Add Connections
  • Withdraw Sent Invites
  • Like, Follow Connections
  • Endorse Connections
  • Audience Creation

2. Pro Plan Comes at $29/Month

  • Add Connections
  • Withdraw Sent Invites
  • Like, Follow Connections
  • Endorse Connections
  • Audience Creation
  • Congrats on Job Anniversary/ New Job
  • Wish Happy birthday

3. Biz Plan Comes at $69/Month

  • Add Connections
  • Withdraw Sent Invites
  • Like, Follow Connections
  • Endorse Connections
  • Audience Creation
  • Congrats on Job Anniversary/ New Job
  • Wish Happy birthday

A lifetime deal is the best offer that you can go for considering their website pricing and monthly plans. Just pay $199 one-time and get access to all features

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is Linkhelp safe for LinkedIn accounts?

Linkhelp uses LinkedIn’s API. It is compatible with the limitations imposed by LinkedIn. Linkhelp offers 100% safety. So, you can use it without the fear of getting your account blocked by LinkedIn.

2. Who can use Linkhelp?

Anyone who wants to build an expanded network of effective connections on LinkedIn must try Linkhelp. Mostly it is suitable for freelancers and small business owners to achieve rapid growth within a short period of time.

3. How much does Linkhelp cost?

The pricing of Linkhelp starts at just $29. You can look at the pricing and deals of Linkhelp mentioned above.

4. Should I get the Linkhelp Lifetime Deal?

You can get the Linkhelp Lifetime Deal at just $199. With this purchase, you get access to all the features, updates, and support care of Linkhelp.

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Conclusion for Linkhelp Review & Lifetime Deal

If you want the most powerful LinkedIn automation tool that can lead to exponential growth in your business and expand your network with full safety and security, then you should get your hands on Linkhelp.

It is best for digital agencies, sales, job recruiters as well as job seekers. Send hundreds of targeted invitations to various active accounts in your sector, and don't miss out on any opportunities.

Build and maintain your connections without wasting your energy or time. Take full advantage of all the automated features of Linkhelp with the lifetime deal (at $199 only), and connect with your dream clients or companies. Claim Linkhelp Lifetime Deal

We hope this article was helpful, and you got all the information you wanted to know about! Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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