How To Do Social Media Strategy During COVID-19?

Difficult times require different and new strategies. And thus with changing times, it is very important to change your strategies and keep on trying new ones.

The world has never faced anything like COVID-19 and thus the strategies this time is quite new.

social media management in covid 19

As per the latest data, it is seen that Facebook has experienced a record 70% per increase in its audience activities in March 2020. Even TikTok and Snapchat have also witnessed an increase of 47% in their user usage.

More and more people are resonating with digital mediums to spend time and engage themselves. Many analysts and marketers have also pointed out that this is the perfect time to increase brands’ presence through social media tools.

You must plan and then materialize your social media video marketing strategy, so let’s have a look at how to move step by step -

◙ 1 Identify Your Audience

Before you jump into directly spending dollars on social media strategies, it is imperative to first analyse and identify your target audience.

One of the most vital tools for social media or even simple marketing is empathy. And empathy can be applied successfully only when you know who your audience is.

And also in the current state and widely changed market scenario, find out who your current target audience is.

Try to find out their geographic location and also know about their interest areas, spending patterns, and much more. In-depth knowledge about your customer in such difficult times will only take you ahead.

◙ 2 Focus on Your Audience

Your strategy during COVID-19 should not be to convert your audience into sales but rather try to hold your audience. It’s very important to keep them engaged through your website or blog.

Use engagement metrics like click, like, share, comments to keep your audience near you. Also, try to preserve and then report your data through KPI stories, forums, comments, and much more.

Try to organise regular contests so that your audience is well engaged and enjoying it with you. Another one of the super hit ways to keep the audience engaged during COVID times is that several premium online streaming websites have also offered free content during this time.

Many premium online libraries have also released some free reading materials. All of this has fared quite well, and people are enjoying this time on the internet.

Even internet service providers have also come up with some extra benefits during the pandemic.

◙ 3 Explore New Ways

Instagram stories, Snapchat, and other social media channels are coming up with new filters so that audiences can spend extra time on them and enjoy it.

You can also try putting up your company’s insights and product details on the YouTube page. Instagram has released a new video platform too, called Reels, and the audience is loving it.

Begin creating videos because videos are engaging, and at the same time, they will generate revenue for you too. Focus on creating user-generated content like Facebook polls, try the Live feature the social platforms offer, and much more.

You must remember that whichever medium you choose, now is the time to increase your customer engagement and retention. Focus only on that rather than on driving sales.

◙ 4 Uncertainty is the New Normal

Don’t expect everything to go smoothly during this time. Customers are holding money, and the purchasing power has dropped down drastically.

What is important right now is to focus on just retaining your loyal customers and creating new customers that will stay.

Also, this is the perfect time to go back and analyze what is not working for your brand and then bring it down. Don’t carry any baggage.

Try to keep up a clear line of communication with your stakeholders and keep everyone involved.

◙ 5 Keep the Support Stronger

Now, is the time to support your customers. Make it a point to support them and bring something fun and entertaining every day to keep them engaged and invest more time in your brand.

Everyone is going every day through that same monotonous life with this deadly virus outside. Thus, try to support everyone and share some good and real moments through your social media channels.

Also, this is the perfect time to showcase the real strength and story of your company and share your journey. If you deal with something which has rural links, then try to show their inspiring stories and how they are dealing with COVID-19. Put some real stories and keep the comment base engaging.

◙ 6 Reconsider Your Social Ads

COVID-19 has also allowed us to sit back and look at us, how are we spending money, and our time.

This is the time to keep a check on your unnecessary spending and put up a real check on everything else. Learn the basics of social media here.

Thus, if you are spending a huge deal on social ads and you feel that it is not fruitful enough then time to filter your social ads.

◙ 7 Move towards Sustainability

The environment is in danger, and people are experiencing it. Many brands are moving towards sustainability, and consumers love it, and it would affect their buying decision.

This change will not only help your brand's value but also get more customers attracted to your brand. And promoting on social media about the sustainable future would help your brand immensely.

◙8 Ask for Help

And last but not least, there is no shame in asking for help. You can ask people for their valuable feedback and ideas if you are looking for help and support.

Take the help of AI Writers to generate user-friendly social media content.

You will generate quite positive eyeballs if you go real and ask for help. It is quite appreciated if you share your problems online and ask people and your followers for support.

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Conclusion for Social Media Marketing During Covid

Above are some of the innovative social media strategies during these difficult times. Let us know if you liked the ideas in the comments down below. Also, please share some of your ideas. We would love to hear from you about the same.

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